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[Viral Video] Jacksonville Woman Reenacts A Typical Day Of Driving in the 904... 

Sarah Krzaczkowski posted a video on Facebook... That most Jacksonville Residents can relate too..

Its called “Just A Typical Day Of Driving In Jacksonville...”

The Video as of 6:30am had over 118 shares and 7,000 Views. 

- JustinCOnTheAir

Kid Has A Hilarious (Accidental) Description Of Their Mom

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA We all know kids have some trouble with spelling... and ill be honest... i still do.

But this one is pretty funny: Original Post was on Reddit

Old Navy’s $1 Flip Flop Sale Is Coming! 

According to Freebie Mom (Don’t Ask me why i follow her... and Don’t Judge!) The $1 Flip Flop Sale by Old Navy is coming back!!!!!

According to the post, the Card Holder Sale is May 27th-28th,  And they think the sale may happen again in June! 

- JustinCOnTheAir

[NSFW Photo] Photo Of Naked Man On A Shark Sparks Outrage on Twitter... People Think its A Florida Gators Coach...

This photo was posted on twitter May 5th... and sent animal lovers in a frenzy. 

People are saying it looks like a Florida Gators coach... according to a article by Deadspin... a Spokes person for The University of Florida it is not him.

Who do you think it is?


Sean Hayes Confirmed this on his Facebook with this post!

$20 Concert Tickets!!! 

Click hear to see the concerts that fall under this deal! -->

Was Stephen Colbert’s “Trump Rant” Homophobic?

Stephen Colbert has been getting a lot of backlash for his “Trump Rant” the other night... Many think it was homophobic.

Hear the Rant **NSFW language**

[Watch] 15 Year old’s Hilarious Reaction To a Snake On His Tractor Ride. 

According to a story posted by WKYT This video was posted by Mason Hamilton... He seems a little more calm than i would be if we’re being honest. - JustinCOnTheAir

Full Story Here: 

200 items
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