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You Can Now Curse Out Your Boss On Social Media AND NOT GET FIRED!


Back in October of 2011, a waiter named Hernan Perez at a restaurant in New York City posted an angry message about his boss on Facebook, quote, "Bob is such a NASTY MOTHER[EFFER] . . . [Eff] his mother and his entire [effing] family!"



He deleted the post, but Bob still saw it, and Hernan was fired. So, he sued. And after five-and-a-half years of bouncing around the courts, a circuit court of appeals just ruled that that he was WRONGFULLY fired.

Full Story: Here

New Dating Term “Haunting!”

The New Dating Term Is “haunting” Its like Ghosting (when you just stop talking to someone...), but with haunting you still like all of their social media stuff (Facebook, Twitter, Insta)

I’ll be honest... I did not know this was a thing, but I've TOTALLY done this :( But to be fair its still happening to me! 

Is it wrong to “haunt” Someone? - @JustinCOnTheAir

More here

Are Rihanna’s Photoshopped Pictures of The Queen Disrespectful?

We’re not 100% sure why she is doing this but, Rihanna posted a few photos on her Instagram with the Queen of England photoshopped on her face. 

See for yourself:

Some of the people with negative reactions have said things like:

ayesha_u_h “This is just disrespectful she is our monarch who has ruled for 65 years of her 91 years of life, she has dedicated her whole life to the service of the UK and over-seas territories.”

luisandres58 “Yeah....humble.....disrespectful u mean!”

_bruna_goncalves “That's outrageously disrespectful”

Do you agree its disrespectful... or do you think she is just having fun? 

More here: 

New Tattoos That Can Be Turned Into Audio By Your Phone! 

This is crazy! Sound Wave Tattoos are now a thing... Now the with the help from your camera (on you phone) you can hear your tattoo. 

Now your Tattoo can be part of a song... Or someone talking see below!!

Would you get one? - JustinCOnTheAir

[Watch] 5-Foot Shark Caught in St Augustine Beach! 

I was literally at the St. Augustine beach swimming yesterday (4-23-17)... If i knew this was happening just down the block... i would have gotten out lol 

- @JustinCOnTheAir

Charlie Puth Drops New Song “Attention!”

Our Very Own CJ Got to chat with Charlie Puth About his new song Attention! 

They talk about his new song, his dating life, and his inspirations... Hear the Full Interview here:

Hear his new song here!

Do you like it? 

[Watch] Starbucks Barista Has Funny Meltdown about The Unicorn Frappuccino

As you know the Unicorn Frappuccino has Taken over the internet... and Starbucks is only selling it for a limited time... well one Starbucks worker is not having it... he goes on a 1:28 second FUNNY rant about the new pink, blue and sour drink! 

Watch for yourself:

Are you going to try it... its your last weekend! - JustinCOnTheAir

Backstreet Boys Announce Cruise! 

Backstreet’s Back!!! And this time you can see them on a Cruise!!!

The cruise will be sailing the Carnival Sensation from Miami to Grand Turk for 4 nights!

Start saving your $$ cause you have about a year to get ready for this thing! - JustinCOnTheAir

Visit their FB page here!

[Viral-Watch] Florida Pro Tennis Match Interrupted By Loud Sex Sounds... 

There was a Tennis match that was hearing some interesting noises the other day at the Sarasota Open... 

Hear for yourself: NSFW

Some people even were tweeting about it lol 

There are just way to many puns that can be made... Between it being Love-15... or the players grunting - JustinCOnTheAir’

More here

Man Finds 14K On Street And Turns it in. 

According to a story posted by, A man found a bag on the side of the road in Ohio with 14K in it... (Full Story here)

Would you keep the Cash or Take it?

BTW i’m Taking it every time. - JustinCONTheAir

200 items
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