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First Coast winter storm resources and closures

A winter storm is sinking in on the First Coast, bringing the potential for wintry mix precipitation and icy roads. Many closures have been announced in preparation for the storm, and shelters are opening in some areas. This list covers Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, and St. Johns counties.


This is a developing story that will be frequently updated.


The Florida Department of Transportation says the outside lanes of I-95 both northbound and southbound at the Florida/Georgia line have been closed due to ice on the road. Crews are working to remove the ice.


The Jacksonville International Airport says some flights are cancelled because of the weather. You should check with the airline about the status of your flight before heading to the airport.

JTA transportation- including fixed route, paratransit, the Skyway, and the St. Johns River Ferry is running normal service Wednesday until 9PM, at which point services will be suspended until Thursday. Routes will be detoured as needed based on any road or bridge closures.



The Salvation Army’s cold night shelter at 900 W. Adams Street is open through Friday. An additional shelter is open at 15 E. Church St, but it only accomodates men overnight. It will remain open 24 hours a day as long as the temperatures remain below 40 degrees.

The City Rescue Mission’s cold weather shelter on 234 W. State street is open, and will remain open as long as temperatures are expected to fall below 40 degrees. Guests can check into the shelter at 2:30 p.m. daily and check out at 10:30 the next morning or until temperatures climb above 40 degrees.

The Sulzbacher Center at 611 E. Adams Street is open.


Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital at 159 N 3rd St in Macclenny is open. This is a special needs shelter for anyone dependent on electricity or with medical needs. You should bring any items you may need, including blankets, food, and medicine.

Raiford Road Church at 9201 South SR 121 in Macclenny is open. This is a general population shelter. You should bring identification, blankets, snacks, and other items.


HIlliard Middle-Senior High is open as a shelter. You’re asked to bring bed linen, medication, food, and anything else you may need for the night. Some pets will be allowed, but you need to bring their food.


City offices WILL reopen Thursday--- Jacksonville is closing government offices for non-essential personnel Wednesday. The 630-CITY hotline will be staffed from 6AM to 6PM Wednesday for non-emergency needs. Duval Animal Care & Protective Services will be closed Wednesday. 

JSO operations will resume Thursday--- Non-essential portions of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will close Wednesday, including most of the daily operations at the Police Memorial Building and the six zone substations.  This will impact public records, fringerprinting, and background check processing. Normal visitation will also be suspended at all three detention facilities, but attorneys will still be allowed to see clients.

JEA is closed for normal business Wednesday. The call center is open to assist customers, and field crews are on stand-by for any potential issues.

Florida Department of Health locations in Duval County are closed Wednesday.

The Baker County Sheriff's Office says County offices will be closed on Wednesday.

Nassau County offices- including the Board of County Commissioner, the Property Appraiser’s Offices, and the Supervisor of Elections- will be closed Wednesday. The Tax Collector’s Office, Clerk of Courts, and the Courthouse will be open. Nassau County Animal Services will be closed Wednesday.

NAS Jax will have a three hour delayed opening Thursday for non-mission essential employees, who should report at 11AM. The use of liberal leave is authorized----- NAS Jax employees will report for work Wednesday at 10AM. Tenant Command employees should contact their commands for delayed openings. 

Naval Station Mayport services including MWR, Child and Youth Program, and Branch Medical Clinic will commence at 11AM Thursday---- Naval Station Mayport services will commence at 10AM Wednesday. All tenant command personnel should contact their chain of command for further reporting requirements.

Clay County Animal Services is asking for fosters to provide warm homes through the duration of this system.


Florida Coastal School of Law is closing 10 PM Tuesday through 8 AM Thursday.

Normal operations resume Thursday---- All FSCJ campuses will be closed Wednesday.

Normal operations resume Thursday--- Jacksonville University will be closed Wednesday.

University of North Florida offices will be closed Wednesday.

Edward Waters College is open with limited operations. Security, Facilities, Cafeteria, and Residence Halls will operate, but Registration is postponed until 8AM Thursday.

Duval County Public School administrative offices are closed for non-essential employees on Wednesday. Duval public school classes are not currently in session.

All District offices will be open Thursday, and schools will be open as well for the first day back since winter break-----All Clay County School District offices and schools are closed Wednesday. Essential employees in Maintenance, IT, and Transportation must report to work. 

These will be back in session Thursday----- All Catholic schools of the Diocese of St. Augustine will be closed Wednesday. The Diocese of St. Augustine Offices at the Catholic Center and the Providence Center will be closed Wednesday.

Other private schools closed Wednesday:

Classes resume Thursday--- Bishop Kenny

The Bolles School (all four campuses) 

Eagle's View Academy in Jacksonville 

San Jose Episcopal Day School in Jacksonville 

Classes resume Thursday at 8AM-- Riverside Presbyterian Day School 

Classes resume Thursday-- Providence School

Southside United Methodist Preschool


Front Porch has been canceled at the Jacksonville Landing

First Coast YMCA branches in Duval, Clay, and Nassau counties will not open until 9AM Wednesday. Winter Break Day Camp in Duval, Clay, and Nassau counties will not begin until 9AM. All branches in St. Johns County will open at normal hours and operate Winter Break Day Camp at normal hours.

All outdoor activities at Jacksonville’s Art Walk on Wednesday are canceled. Indoor vendors may still be open with programming.

St. Johns County Bookmobile services have been canceled for Thursday. All items due Thursday will be renewed and holds will be extended until the next scheduled stop.

Jacksonville government offices closing because of winter conditions

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry has ordered the closure of City offices for non-essential personnel Wednesday, in response to the intense winter conditions setting in.

Curry says the goal is to keep people off the roads.

“These are conditions that we’re not accustomed to here in Jacksonville and in Duval County,” he says.

CLOSURES: What’s shutting down in Northeast Florida because of winter weather

Curry says the City is ready with sand if icy conditions set in on the roads, and the Florida Department of Transportation is monitoring bridges for any conditions that become unsafe and require closures. The Florida Highway Patrol is also prepared to respond as needed.

The non-emergency City hotline 630-CITY will be in operation Wednesday from 6AM through 6PM, with the potential to expand those hours as needed. If you are experiencing an emergency, including medical distress, you should call 911.

“This is simply a precaution under severe weather. This is not a time for people to be scared or nervous about anything, it’s just, we’ve got to be smart as a community and as a city,” Curry says.

JTA buses plan to run a normal schedule, as of now.

Curry says they plan to have government offices open Thursday, but can reassess that as needed, based on the weather.

JEA, Florida Power and Light release winter weather tips to save money and energy

As we brace for even colder weather here on the First Coast, Florida Power and Light and JEA are both releasing tips on how to stay warm, while also saving energy and money. 

FPL spokesperson Chris McGrath says the most important thing you can do, is set your thermostat to 68°F and your fan to auto. 

"Every degree below 68 degrees, actually saves you 5% on your heating costs," explains McGrath, who also warns that heating your home can cost 2 to 3 times more than cooling it. 

JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce also advises against upping your thermostat dramatically.

“If you move your thermostat more than a couple of degrees, what will happen is your heat strips will come on, and those are three times more expensive to run,” says Boyce. She recommends only bumping up your thermostat one or two degrees.

Boyce also reminds customers that heat accounts for 40% to 50% of your entire electric use.

"Another really easy thing you can do is something we talk about in the summertime, but it holds true in the winter, is making sure that you replace or clean your air conditioner filter regularly. You usually do that about once a month and it helps your unit operate more efficiently," says McGrath. 

FPL also recommends considering using a space heater, but keeping the heater away from any flammable items, like furniture or curtains, and keeping a close eye on your pets and children. 

Another way to save, includes changing the temperature on your water heater. 

"You can actually keep the water temperature in your home, the water heater, you can set that down to about 115 to 120 degrees. You're still going to get the hot water you want, whether you're doing your dishes or taking a shower, but by setting it lower, you're actually saving money on your energy bill," says McGrath. 

On the topic of water, JEA wants to remind customers to take precautions to avoid having your pipes freeze. For pipes that are exposed outside, Boyce reccomends wrapping them with old towels and t-shirts. 

“We also recommend that you trickle the water, no more than the diameter of the pencil, but just make sure you have the water flowing. What you spend in any extra water is far less than what you would spend for a plumber to come,” says Boyce. She advises you keep the water trickling as long as we have freezing temperatures.

On the utility side of things, FPL says it currently has an ample supply of energy to fully meet customers expected needs, as the cold moves in. Should that demand increase and exceed their supply, FPL says it does have a comprehensive plan in place to deal with the issue.

JEA shared a similar message. Boyce says they do have the power in place to meet the increased needs of customers. She says JEA also has service center duty crews riding out the storm, with the rest of the crews on stand-by, in case of any issues.

Emergency management monitoring impact of winter system

As the temperatures continue to drop, local emergency management officials are closely watching where and when precipitation is also expected, to determine what impact this could have on you.

All government offices in Jacksonville will be closed to non-essential personnel Wednesday, with Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry saying they want to make every effort to keep people off the roads. The City is ready to respond with sand if there are icy roads, and the Florida Department of Transportation is monitoring bridges, but there’s no clear threshold for if there will need to be any closures.

In Baker County, Sheriff’s Office Captain Chris Volz- who’s over the Emergency Operations Division- says they’re on the edge of the forecast for freezing precipitation. If there is moisture on the road, there is a possibility that ice will build up, and more specifically black ice, which is hard for drivers to see.

“We’ve already been in contact with our road department to make sure that we can get precautionary measures out there,” Volz says.

He believes their bridges are most at risk for dangerous conditions.

The potential for ice is something being closely watched in Nassau County as well. Emergency Management Director Billy Estep says he’s concerned about ice on the Shave Bridge, although some of the worst weather is expected to be in the Hilliard area.

The Emergency Operations Center says they’re expecting sleeting rain under the current forecast. That could build on loose tree limbs, so you need to be careful, especially around areas that may not have been fully cleared since Hurricane Irma. There could also be buildup on power lines, so the EOC is warning about potential power losses, and urging you to make sure you use your generators safely.

EOC’s from across the region are joining in that message- whether a generator because the power goes out, or a space heater in the cold, they want you to closely read the instructions, ensure there is any ventilation needed, and don’t leave these devices unattended. They’re also urging you to bring your pets indoors, to make sure they stay safe through this system as well.

St. Johns County is saw some coastal flooding earlier today. While Emergency Management Deputy Director Jeff Alexander says tides are only a little higher than normal, there is some heavy wave action that could cause periods of flooding. St. Augustine says King Tide conditions are expected to last through Thursday- meaning areas of flooding that result from high tides and heavy winds.

They’re warning you to not walk or drive through flood waters. You should also use caution around manhole covers, which could become dislodged in flooding.

He says they’re also concerned about the impact wave action will have on coastal erosion. The US Army Corps of Engineers confirms to WOKV that a renourishment project along St. Augustine Beach has been put on hold for a few days becuase of the rough seas. The renourishment is in response to the standard natural cycle and recent hurricanes. They hope to resume work on Friday.

“I’m not sure how many people are going to the beach in this weather, but if you’re out there, be careful because of the surf,” Alexander says.

Clay County is currently expecting to be outside of the brunt of the impact in terms of precipitation, instead dealing mainly with cold temperatures. The EOC isn’t taking any action at this point based on that forecast, but they’re continually monitoring the situation and speaking with partner agencies, like the National Weather Service and Public Works.

Jaguars announce sellout for playoff game 

The Jaguars have announced a sellout for their upcoming home playoff game. 

“Today the Jacksonville Jaguars announced a sellout of all currently available inventory for the team’s upcoming AFC Wild Card game to be played on either January 6 or 7 at EverBank Field. This will be the Jaguars’ first home playoff game since the 1999 season”, according to an announcement from the Jaguars. 

“The response from Jaguars fans has been nothing short of outstanding,” said Chad Johnson, Jaguars senior vice president of sales and service. “Momentum from the end of the season home games has been building, and the atmosphere at our first playoff game in nearly two decades will undoubtedly continue to be electric. We’re thrilled for the team and our fan base to have the chance to experience the postseason once again.”

We’re told a limited number of additional tickets may become available over the next several days.  

Fans who were able to buy tickets will have to use their smartphones instead of paper tickets.  For instructions on how to access game tickets, go to

Ordinance would steer trucks onto designated routes to ease Jacksonville congestion

In an attempt to help ease congestion, preserve roadways and ensure public safety, a proposed ordinance would create 52 truck routes and 10 alternate routes across the city of Jacksonville.

Truckers would be required to stay on the designated routes and on state roads. 

Trucker Pete Poto has heard of this in other cities. He says he has a trucker GPS that alerts him to which roads he can drive on. 

“Basically, it will give you the directions for you when you’re coming up to a road that’s restricted,” Poto said. 

The ordinance says one purpose for the designated truck routes would be to protect neighborhoods from excess truck traffic. 

“I can see how that can be good in some instances. There’s no need for them to be in neighborhood areas,” driver Adam Antikiewics said. 

But some drivers wonder if these designated routes will create more congestion. 

“If you limit them all to specific roads you’ll bottle up those roads,” said Antikiewics. 

The proposal says any trucker who violates the rules could face a $100 dollar fine. 

The ordinance will be heard by the Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee at its next meeting on Jan. 2.

Man spotted in Orange Park holding up ‘Kill a Cop' sign

STORY Deputies say two hurt after stabbing in Orange Park

An unknown man — or men — are drawing attention for the “Kill a Cop” sign they hold in Orange Park. 

The man holds the sign near several schools — and police say they can’t do anything about it. 

One witness, Janice Gibson, says she saw the man with the sign at the corner of Moody Avenue and Filmore Street — and she took photos. 

Gibson took pictures of an unknown man holding up the sign on Monday.

“People need to know about this,” Gipson said. “Its in my back yard. To me that’s not freedom of speech. That’s like a terrorism.”

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said this has been going on for two years and that multiple people have been spotted holding the sign. 

Dale Carson, the Law and Safety Expert for Action News Jax, says law enforcement has limited options because speech is protected by the First Amendment. 

WATCH: Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens releases live stream of their two new Sumatran tiger cubs

In case you need a Friday pick-me-up: The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has released a LIVE stream of their two new Sumatran tiger cubs in their nursery den. 

The zoo says the two male cubs were welcomed into the world on November 20, 2017, and are the second litter for their 6-year-old mother Dorcas and 16-year-old Berani. 

WATCH below or click HERE

Jags Head Coach’s bologna feeds Northeast Florida

While the Jacksonville Jaguars compete this weekend to potentially clinch a spot in the playoffs for the first time in years, the post-game meal habits of the Head Coach has grabbed a lot of the attention instead.

But it’s all for a good cause.

Coach Doug Marrone recently said his go-to post-game meal is a bologna and cheese sandwich. The Beef Checkoff and National Hot Dog and Sausage Council responded earlier this week by sending 100 logs of beef bologna to the team, hoping it would fuel the team in their run for the playoffs. In all, the deli meat haul came to about 350 pounds.

During a Wednesday press conference at EverBank Field, Marrone confirmed he would be donating the bologna to those in need in the Jacksonville area.

The donation went to Feeding Northeast Florida’s warehouse Wednesday and was picked up Thursday by the Daily Manna Serving Center Food Pantry, one of Feeding Northeast Florida’s partner hunger-relief organizations. Daily Manna distributed the bologna donation along with other food today during their weekly food distribution event.

Feeding Northeast Florida says Daily Manna is their largest food distributor, serving the North Riverside community, which they say has some of the highest poverty rates in the city.

The Jaguars themselves are putting Marrone’s taste to good use. “Marroney Bologna” sandwhiches will be sold at several locations in the stadium on Sunday’s game, while supplies last. A portion of the sales will benefit the Jaguars Foundation.

The Jaguars play the Seattle Seahawks at 4:25PM Sunday at EverBank Field. You can watch the game on our partner Fox 30 Action News Jax.

Man saves Xbox from burning California home

In the event of a wildfire, California residents are accustomed to being told to grab the essentials and evacuate quickly. For some, “the essentials” include a prized Xbox One.

While others may rescue the family dog or cat, Robert Romero grabbed his beloved game console from a burning home in California. A photographer with Pasadena Star-News captured the moment.

Robert’s true passion inspired many users on Twitter and Reddit.

The heroic rescue even prompted a response from a Director of Programming at Microsoft. “Anyone have his social contact info? I’d love to reach out to him.” Larry Hryb writes on Reddit, “If you know who it is please message me.”

The status of Robert’s home and belongings remains unclear, but, if nothing else, it seems his sense of humor is still intact.

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