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Twitter User Claims Pop-Tarts And Ranch Is Good.

Twitter user‏ @ct12371 took to social media to claim that Pop-Tarts and Ranch is an Oklahoma thing... and that it tastes good...

There’s no way this is a thing right???

As you can see not many are agreeing with the tweet.

New Restaurant & Rooftop Bar In Jax: River & Post

There’s a new Restaurant in Jacksonville, its called River and Post! and it has one hell of a view!

Its located at 1000 riverside avenue... on the corner of post street... we’re assuming that is why is called River & Post... Their opening is one 


The rest of the restaurant looks awesome too!

See ya there? ---> heres their website! 

Halsey Cancels Shows To “Gain Composure” after “Personal Emergency.”

Halsey has canceled a few dates on her tour for a Personal Emergency according to an announcement by 

“Due to a personal emergency, Halsey will be unable to perform tonight at Rogers Place in Edmonton. Tickets purchased online and by telephone will be refunded automatically. Ticket holders that bought in-person are eligible for a refund at their point-of-purchase”

She also addressed the cancellation on her Instagram page.

In Honor Of #SteveIrwin Day Here Are 6 Gifs Showing What Made Steve Awesome! 

1. His ability to Play it Cool as a Snake bit his neck on TV

2. His Appreciation for the finer things.

3. His goal to protect those around him.

4. His determination.

5. He always brought presents!

6. Above all else, was the pure passion and respect he had for every animal he encountered. You are missed Steve. 

Woman Who Gave Trump The Finger, Made Close to 100K in Donations & Got Job Offer From Porn Company. 

If you remember a few days ago a woman in Virginia was fired from her job after there was a photo take of her giving our president the finger...

--> Read the original story here

After that happened someone created a GoFundMe account for her and its VERY close to hitting 100K ($97,922)

It was at 77K on the 14th:

You can see the GFM page here --> 

On top of that, WUSA9 is reporting that she has been offered a job with a Porn Company... 

Man On Twitter Claim’s That Dogs Ear Looks Like Our President. 

“Unlikely Lad” on twitter posted the other day that someone he knows has a dog, and the inside of the dog’s ear looks like Trump!

We’ll let you decide for yourself:

Pink’s Carpool Karaoke Episode is 12 Minutes of Awesome! 

James Corden had Pink join him for the newest episode of Carpool Karaoke! 

Band “Brand New” Cancels European Shows After Sexual Misconduct Allegations. 

The Band Brand New has cancled their tour after Allegations of sexual missconduct came out about their Singer Jesse Lacey.

According to Rolling Stone, One Woman said in 2002, when she was 15 and Lacey was 24, the singer hounded her to send him nude photos... other women later stepped forward with their own allegations. 

Stove Top Selling “Stretchy Pants” for Thanksgiving! 

Stove Top just saved us all this thanksgiving... they are selling Stretchy pants for Thanksgiving! they’re calling them “Dinner pants” 

More here

5 GIF’s To Help Celebrate National Pickle Day.

Because... National Pickle Day is a thing... Share with a friend that LOVES pickles! 

200 items
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