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Chicken Nugget Yoga? Its A Thing!

I Found this and assumed it was a joke... but the more i looked into it, the more it seem’d like a legit thing... I know people love their nuggets but come on, Nugget yoga???

Tag a Friend that you would do nugget yoga with!! - JustinCOnTheAir

The Internet Can’t Handle This Guys Tablecloth Trick Videos On Twitter. 

According to Buzzfeed This mans name is Fazuhisa Uekusa, and he is a 29-year-old Comedian from Japan... and his Tablecloth videos are freaking out all of twitter: 

This is not his only one hes made many: 

At First, People were upset and hated on the video but people are starting to come around to it - JustinCOnTheAIr

 “Tropickles” - Fruit Punch Flavored Pickles 

Walmart has made a new frankenfood... in the form of Fruit Punch flavored Pickles... EW!!!

According to a tweet America was “Demanding” these, and i just need to know who was looking for this? 

according to they are only going to be $2... which seems like $4 too much... - JustinCOnTheAir

Golfs New Trend - Run Your Friend Over With The Golf Cart...

This is one of those trends that will keep me off the golf course... (its because my friends are horrible people and they would do this) 


i’ll admit it makes for a great video... but its gotta hurt: 

*Warning NSFW language*

If you have a weak stomach... Dont watch this last one...


- JustinCOnTheAir

[Video] Andy Serkis Reads Trumps Tweets as Gollum

Steven Colbert Had Andy Serkis on his show the other night... He is best known for his roll as Gollum in Lord Of The Rings. 

Colbert had him read President Trump’s Tweets In character, and it was amazing! (The reading starts at 3:52)

- JustinCOnTheAir 

The Walking Dead “Stuntman” Passes Away From On-Set Fall.

According to TMZ, a Stuntman for The Walking Dead has been pronounced dead, After a fall on set the other day. 

This Stuntman’s name is 33- year-old, John Berneker.

He was in a TON of movies, Like 22 jump Street, Goosbumps,  This is the end... here is his “Stunt Reel” 

According to TMZ, John fell off a 25-foot-high Balcony on Wednesday where he was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center. Our Thoughts go out to the Berneker Family and Everyone involved. 

Buy It Now* Citrus Beer that looks like Mountain Dew!

Do you know someone who likes Mountain Dew? Then maybe they’ll like this stuff!! 

This is from the same company that gave us Alcoholic Root beer... Just remember “Puppy Monkey Baby” is not old enough to drink this yet... 

- JustinCOnTheAir

Too Far?? Rapper Blac Youngsta Post “Mock Crucifixion Pic”

Not sure what Blac Youngsta was thinking with this one. A LOT of people are asking him to take down the photo:

Some Comments on the Post say:

  • Beautyyy_is_My_name: u Taking these posts way too far. Lost mad respect. forgive him lord
  • UntilThen42: U will reap what you sow! GOD’S wrath will be more than you can handle! Therefore, u will be consumed from it! you better pray boy! 

Another Rapper that goes by Ralo, offered him 10,000 to take the post down:

*WARNING NFSW Language (a lot of cursing) 

Was the post too far? - @JustinCOnTheAir

Netflix Announces Stranger Things 2 Release Date! 

OMG!!!! We’re going back to the “Upside Down”

October 27th looks like the day i’ll have to call out of work! - @JustinConTheAir

Demi Lovato Drops New Song “Sorry Not Sorry” - Hear It Now

Last night a midnight Demi Lovato dropped a new song called “Sorry Not Sorry.” 

Thoughts on the New Song?? - JustinConTheAir

89 items
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