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3 High School Teens Invent Straw That Can Detect Date Rape Drugs for Class Project. 

first, they better have gotten an A+++ on this project... like for real!

These three girls created a way to tell if there is a date rape drug in your drink with a straw!

They all go to a school here in Florida called “Gulliver Preparatory School.”

Read more here: 

**Cat Cuddler Wanted** Vet Clinic List New Job.  

We all Know someone who would “excel” at this job! lol I could totally get paid to chill with some cats.

Some questions they ask before you can jump on this position:

 Does Cattitude come naturally to you?”

“Have you counted kittens before you go to sleep?”

“do you feed the stray cats in you location?”

and probably the most important “does petting cats make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?”

I’m checking to see if they will help pay for my moving coasts because this clinic is in Dublin... :(

- JustinCOnTheAir

Spicy Skittles Are Totally A Thing Now! 

Uh.... Sweet and Spicy???

Thoughts on the new Skittles?? - JustinCOnTheAir

More here:

Game Of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer Is Out!


Flagler Sheriff Shows off NEW Cab-Cruiser for DUI Campaign.

“This RIDE costs more than THIS ONE”

This Flagler County Sheriff is trying to remind people to stay away from drinking and driving by going undercover...

One thing is for sure... this weekend you dont want a ride in this taxi. 

more here

Best First Date food for a Successful Relationship - Bloody Marys & Fried Chicken! 

There’s a survey out there by Mashable that figured out the best first date activity that will lead to a relationship is going out for Bloody Marys & Fried chicken! 

What was your “First Date Food?” 

More  here:

Nicki Minaj Helped Fully Develop an Indian Village

Rapper Nicki Minaj helped develop a village in Inda by sending funds... she talked about it on her Instagram page. 

Read more here

Teachers Fired Over “Most Likely To Not Pay Attention” Award

End of the year Awards are a thing that most schools do... they do “best Dressed,” and “Most likely to make you laugh,” and many more... well a teacher in Georgia thought it would be good to award a student “Most Likely To Not pay Attention.”

The student that won... has ADHD and that students mother was not happy!

You can read the full story here, but that teacher will not be coming back now... do you think the teacher should have been fired? 

- JustinCOnTheAir

[Video] Self Proclaimed “Flat-Earther’ Takes Leveler Too On Flight To “prove” The Earth Is Flat.

A Man who calls himself a “realist” AKA someone that believes that the earth is flat. make a video of his flight to discredit the argument that the earth is round...

His reasoning is to see if the pilot would have to dip the nose of the plane to compensate for the curvature of the earth. 

Thoughts? - JustinCOnTheAir

[Free Tickets]The Big Ape Morning Mess Has Your Tickets Into The Country 500!

Listen up BAMMFAM!!!! The Country 500 is Memorial Day Weekend, and all next week the Big Ape Morning Mess will be giving away Country 500 Tickets!!!!

We’ll be letting you know when you can listen thought a Notification’s on out Mobile App!!! (BTW its free in the app store)

you can also get ticket here!!

46 items
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