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Lil Wayne Threatens To “Kill Everybody” After Water Bottle Hits Him On Stage. 

Little Wayne was performing in Australia when someone threw a water bottle at him... and he stopped the show and threatened to stop the show and kill everybody... Which might have been a little bit of an over  reaction IMO... Watch the Video Below *Warning Explicit Language*

Michael B Jordan Buy’s Teen A New Retainer After She Breaks It Watching His Movie. 

The Story of how Michael B Jordan bought a teen a new retainer, after she watched the Black Panther movie, started with the girls Dentist posting on Tumblr. *Warning Explicit Language*

After this post, someone took a screen shot and posted it to twitter... AND the girl who broke her retainer SAW IT!!!

Michael B Jordan then, feeling guilty, reached out to let her know he would help out.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Call It Quits After Two Years. 

Looks like there is no more Pillow talk between Gigi and Zayn (get it?)... The Celeb Power Couple is breaking up after dating for around 2 years! 

they both posted comments on the break up on their social pages: 

This also comes a few days after Zayn’s Website crashed because he posted a song to the site:

Social Media Losses It Over Dog That Looks Like A Human. 

Reddit user Emceegrath posted a picture of her friends dog because she thought it looked like it had a mans face, and from the responses it looks like the rest of Reddit thought the same thing. 

People started commenting on who they thought the dog looked like. 

Jay-Z and Beyonce Announce Summer Tour With Stops in Orlando & Miami


Jay-Z and Beyonce have announced they'll hit the road together this summer and fall for a stadium tour.

Tickets will go on sale to the public March 19th at 10am! 

Three of the tour dates we’re interested in, and probably pertain to you are:

1. August 25th - Mercedes-Benz Stadum in Atlanta

2. August 29th - Camping World Stadium - Orlando 

3. August 31st Hard Rock Stadium - Miami 

More on their Tour here

Disney Released Drone Fly Over Video of The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction. 

Disney Posted a video to YouTube and said: While the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands won’t debut to Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort guests until 2019, eager fans can take a voyage over the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction site - right now!

Jumbo Shrimp To Sell Scrabble Hats To Celebrate Games 70th Anniversary - July 15th

Today the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp announced that they will be selling Scrabble hats to help celebrate the games 70th anniversary on July 15th. 

Sadly, we cannot buy these wonderful hats until we’re a little closer to July 15th.

Study Shows The 2nd Born Child Is More Likely To Be Criminals. 

According to the Simplemost, researchers from MIT, Northwestern & University Of Florida followed thousands of brithers in Denmark and our lovely state of Florida. 

They concluded that in both locations the 2nd born child was “More Apt to run afoul.” 

They said: “ In families with two or more children, second-born boys are on the order of 20 to 40 percent more likely to be disciplined in school and enter the criminal justice system compared to first-born boys even when we compare siblings”

As an older brother this certainly will be brought up at our next family dinner... :) matter of fact... i’m taking a screen shot right now and sending it to him... #SorryNotSorry 

Read more here!  

New Music Friday Songs From - SIA, Lil Yachty, Logic & The Neighborhood

Its New Music Friday! We’ve got tons of new songs... again Logic drops a song, this time featuring Big Sean. Sticking with Rap Lil Yachty also dropped a song titled 66. flipping over to pop music SIA released a song called Magic (which is from the Wrinkle in time soundtrack), as well as Years And Years with their song Sanctify. Lastly, Over to Alternative music i’m totally into the new “The Neighborhood” Album but their featured song (off their new album) that we went with is... Flowers!

Hear them all below - *Warning Explicit language*

1. Logic ft Big Sean - Wassup

2. Lil Yachty ft Trippie Red - 66

3. SIA - Magic

4. The Neighborhood - Flowers

5. Years & Years - Sanctify


Pedal Boat Tours Coming To Jacksonville! 

Kracken Cycleboats is coming to the 904 this summer, and it looks like a blast! 

What’s a Cycleboat you might ask, well its you and 14 of your friends on a HUGE boat and you all Pedal to make the boat move... the kicker it THE WHOLE BOAT IS A BAR!!!

According to there website their CycleBoat will have you floating up and down the St. John's River, allowing you to take in the incredible sights of downtown Jacksonville, as well as catch a glimpse of the dolphins that cruise the waterways! This is a must do activity for both local residents, as well as visitors to the area. A major reason we chose to bring the Kraken to downtown Jacksonville was because of the stunning views from the water and energizing atmosphere. So gather up your friends, family, and co-workers and come on out and join us! 

200 items
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