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Am I Wrong: Golf Lessons

4-7-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a couple that's fighting because she wants him to give her golf lessons... he says it would ruin their relationship


Morning Mess Recap: Switch for the Switch

4-5-17 Mark and Meghan got their hands on a Nintendo Switch... and asked people what they're willing to give us for it.


Am I Wrong: Bucket List

3-31-17 Mark and Meghan ask what's on your bucket lists... people from Jax have some odd ones...


Morning Mess Recap: Good Girl

3-30-17 Mark and Meghan talk to students from Stanton College Prep, about the "Good Girl" sign that was put up about their prom dress code.


Morning Mess Recap: Leggings

3-29-17 Mark and Meghan ask if you like using leggings as pants... or do you think that is wrong.


Morning Mess Recap: Girls

3-28-17 Mark and Meghan Ask, At what age should we stop calling someone a girl?


Morning Mess Recap: Weird Thoughts EVERYONE has

3-23-17 Mark and Meghan find a list of weird habits that most people do... are you one of these people?


Morning Mess Recap: Proposals & After Sex Food

3-21-17 Mark and Meghan talk about "National Proposal day" and if women are allowed to be the ones who propose... they also ask what's your after sex food?


Morning Mess Recap: Embarissing Parents...

3-20-17 Mark and Meghan Talk about Beyonce being embarrassed by her mom on Instagram and ask if your parents do anything embarrassing on social media...


Morning Mess Recap: Bad Tattoos

3-17-17 Mark and Justin Talk about having a "Bad Tattoo" Do you have one that you regret?


Morning Mess Recap: St Patty's Eve!

3-16-17 Mark and Meghan Talk about the Weird St Patty's day traditions...


Morning Mess Recap: Kids first curse.

3-15-17 Mark and Meghan talk about how kids sometimes curse after they hear their parents... and ask what your kids first "Curse"


Morning Mess Recap: Do Women Grill?

3-13-17 Mark and Meghan ask why does it seem like men are the ones that grill, and if you know a woman that grills?


Morning Mess Recap: Split the Bills!

3-10-17 Mark and Meghan give their opinions on Justin's Girlfriend wanting to take turns paying for dinner when they go out to eat.


Morning Mess Recap: Audiobook, Or Normal Book?

Mark Kaye and Meghan ask if you would rather listen to an "audiobook" or read a book?


Morning Mess Recap: psychic

3-7-17 Mark Kaye Ask If anyone in the Jacksonville area has been to a Psychic because Meghan was looking for on Google.


Morning Mess Recap: Nude Scene

3-6-17Mark and Meghan Ask if there was a movie that you went to see solely because there was a "Nude" Scene


Morning Mess Recap: First Concert

Mark Kaye and Meghan ask what your first concert was... and looking back was it "Age Appropriate?"


Morning Mess Recap: Just Kiss Me

3-1-17 With Meghan out sick Mark and Justin ask listeners to help them understand why Girls ask you just be spontaneous... but when you do it they get mad!


Morning Mess Recap: Work Eff Up

2-28-17 Mark and Meghan Ask what's the worst thing you've ever messed up at your work?

50 items
Results 21 - 40 of 50 < previous next >