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True Confessions: Mail

1-8-17 Mark and Meghan Talk to a woman who stole $100 because the mailman gave her the wrong mail...


Dumb Arguments: Turn AC Up!

1-5-17 Mark and Meghan ask: "if Someone wants the AC Turned Up, Does that mean they want it warmer, or colder?


Am I Wrong: Dry January

1-3-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who wants to Do Dry January... But she will only do it if her husband does it too!


True Confessions: Sex Dreams!

1-2-18 Mark and Meghan talk to a woman who's feeling guilty because she keeps having sex dreams about her husband's friend... she wants to tell him!


True Confessions: I Watch The Jags!

12-27-17 Mark and Justin talk to a woman who sneaks out of the house to watch the Jags Play... her dad is boycotting the games... is she wrong to go against him?


Am I Wrong: Cheating Clients!

12-15-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple who are fighting because the husband's clients admitted to cheating on their wives... and he does not want to say anything.


Dumbest Arguments Ever: Sketty Sticks...

12-14-17 Mark and Meghan ask how you make spaghetti... so you break them in half or shove it all in the water?


Am I Wrong: Xmas For Baby!

12-13-17 Mark and Meghan talk to a couple thats fighting because the wife wants to spend over $500 on their babies first Xmas... is that too much?


True Confessions: Hate Kids

12-11-17 Mark and Meghan get a call from a woman who feels bad because she hates her sister's kids... should she feel bad?


Am I Wrong: Laundry

12-7-17 Mark and Meghan have the "DUMBEST ARGUMENT EVER" and ask how you do your laundry?

50 items
Results 41 - 50 of 50 < previous