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The Best of the Mess  

Check out what you missed this morning on the Big Ape Morning Mess!

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  • FireCracker

    Ted is being Blown Off by Dana because he tried to kill her! Well that's what she saying. Find out why right here!

  • No talking.

    Amy thinks she is being BLOWN OFF by Melissa. Every time Amy calls her the phone goes straight to voicemail. She won't talk to her on the phone but she does text back. Find out why she won't answer her phone right here!

  • Selfie

    Erica is being BLOWN OFF by Mike! He says she is vain because when they take selfies together she is more into what she looks like than him. She says most girls are like that. Hear the full story right here:

  • Grandpa Bill

    Bills a DUD?? That's why Maryland is BLOWING this poor widow off! Find out what happened right here:

  • Family Feud

    Samantha is being BLOWN OFF by Mike because of a generations old family feud. Kinda like Romeo and Juliet. WTH?? Find out what the heck this guy is talking about right here.

  • Move in with me.

    Billy is being BLOWN OFF by Mandy after he told her to move in with him and that he loves her. They only slept together twice. Apparently that's not the only reason she is blowing him off. She has another secret. Find out why right here!

  • She's a Cave Woman

    Uh ohhh Trina is being BLOWN OFF by Devon because he thinks she acts like a Cave Woman. Find out what she did to call her that right here:

  • Basketball Coach

    Today on BLOWN OFF, Luke canceled his date with Josephine. She wants to find out why...he says he is crazy and evil. Find out why right here:

  • The Green Lantern

    This morning on Blown Off Daren was being rejected by Karla. She says it's because his real name should be the Green Lantern, find out why she calls him that right here:

  • New Year New Her

    Shay is being BLOWN by Tim, because according to Tim she is a whole new person now! Find out how right here -->

  • The Spitter.

    Wilbert is being BLOWN OFF by Coleen because he did something super disgusting. He SPIT in her drink! Find out why he did that right here

  • Bad Breath

    Janet is being BLOWN OFF by Doug...because Doug has bad breath??? Find out why he decided to blow her of because of his bad breath right here

  • He has no soul.

    Bill is being BLOWN OFF by Roslyn and here is why: Bill is a redhead. Roslyn doesn't like redheads. Find out why by listening here!

  • Xbox

    Erin was BLOWN OFF by Charlie. She bought her kids an Xbox and now he claims she's addicted!!

  • Church

    Sydney was BLOWN OFF! Jack is blowing her off because she was texting him about sex during church.

  • Toilet Paper

    Mitchell has been BLOWN OFF by AJ. AJ says Mitchell is rude because he wouldn't stop laughing at the guy who had toilet paper stuck to his shoe and didn't help him take it off.

  • The Party Or Jags

    Hunter is being BLOWN OFF by Kelly because he isn't going to her Holiday Party. She says he's picking something over her. Find out what it is right here.

  • I hate my Mama.

    Raven was Blown Off by Darrell, because he reminds her of someone he hates. Find out who right here.

  • The Trash Collector

    Aaron was BLOWN OFF Patrica because he doesn't tip is garbage collectors!!

  • Paleo Diet

    Laura was BLOWN OFF by Mark after he told her they didn't click. By clicking he means one of them needs to go to AA find out who right here.

30 items
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