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Blown Off  

Ever had a great date with someone and then you NEVER heard from them again? Now, Mark and Anna from The Big Ape Morning Mess help jilted lovers find out why they were "Blown Off"!

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  • Crying Girl

    Andrea was Blown Off by Ken for crying too much.

    7/24/2014 listen   download 
  • Golf Lesbo

    Rissa was Blown Off by Ryan after he called her and she said she was playing golf...find out why!

    7/23/2014 listen   download 
  • Scrapper

    Wade was Blown Off by Angie after she caught him going through her trash after their first date???

    7/22/2014 listen   download 
  • Car Sex

    Diane was BLOWN OFF by Tom after they had sex in the car!

    7/21/2014 listen   download 
  • Too Hot

    Mike was Blown Off by Amy for being Too Hot?!

    7/18/2014 listen   download 
  • Mr.Boinko

    Andrew was Blown Off by Laura cause he's a clown... like a real clown!

    7/17/2014 listen   download 
  • Pray

    Aliyah thought she found a good church boy...until she was BLOWN OFF by him. Find out why!

    7/16/2014 listen   download 
  • Adam

    Adam was Blown off because his name was Adam??

    7/14/2014 listen   download 
  • Indian Family

    Katherine's sister Cecelia was BLOWN OFF by Greg, becacuse of Katherine! Find out why right now!

    7/3/2014 listen   download 
  • No Hair

    Jason was Blown Off By Courtney for SHAVING!

    7/2/2014 listen   download 
  • Disgusting

    Brady was Blown Off By Rodney after they were hooking up in Brady's room and Rodney called him disgusting... find out what is in the bedroom.

    7/1/2014 listen   download 
  • Friends

    Tommy was Blown Off By Ashley for quoting Friends their whole date!

    6/30/2014 listen   download 
  • Changed Tire

    Veronic was BLOWN OFF by Jermain for changing her own tire??

    6/26/2014 listen   download 
  • Divorce Yeller

    Rob was Blown Off by Cassie after he yelled at his ex-wife in front of their children.

    6/25/2014 listen   download 
  • Ricky

    Ricky was Blown Off by Peach after he asked her to marry him!

    6/24/2014 listen   download 
  • Awkward

    Dan was Blown Off Marcy after being super rude and awkward to her friends!

    6/23/2014 listen   download 
  • Make it Rain

    Clyde was BLOWN OFF by Jane for Making it Rain!

    6/20/2014 listen   download 
  • Boob Job

    Stacy was Blown Off by Mike because she look totally different from her online profile...find out exactly what made her look different!

    6/19/2014 listen   download 
  • Bad Driver

    Angela was Blown Off by Obie after he was in a car accident. Found out why he won't ride in the car with her!

    6/18/2014 listen   download 
  • Emojis

    Mary was BLOWN OFF by Sean because she used to many emojis... it was too childish!

    6/17/2014 listen   download 
25 items
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