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Blown Off  

Ever had a great date with someone and then you NEVER heard from them again? Now, Mark and Meghan from The Big Ape Morning Mess help jilted lovers find out why they were "Blown Off"!

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  • Thanksgiving & Football

    Brandi and Kurt have been dating for over a year, this year he doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving with her. Now she is being BLOWN OFF...he is completely ignoring her. She thinks he's cheating...but there is another reason why he is blowing her off. Find out here:

    11/21/2014 listen   download 
  • Vending Machine Guy

    Monica was BLOWN OFF by Chris...he thinks she's mentally ill because she was trying to "steal" his identity. Listen here to find out what she did to make him think that.

    11/20/2014 listen   download 
  • Toenail Clippings

    Mark was Blown Off by Trish for doing the most disgusting thing...find out what he did that grossed her out so much she threw up.

    11/19/2014 listen   download 
  • Thanksgiving Scrooge

    Dana has been BLOWN OFF Nate! Nate LOVES Thanksgiving and Dana HATES it! So that totally turned him off. (I don't blame him)

    11/18/2014 listen   download 
  • No Cable

    Lisa was Blown Off by John after he spent the night and he discovered she didn't have something. Which totally blew his mind...find out what right here.

    11/17/2014 listen   download 
  • Vanity Vegan

    Billy was BLOWN OFF by Teressa after he took her backstage to the Phillip Phillips concert. Teressa said he was super weird. The whole date he was complaining about being a VEGAN and them having nothing eat. But the real reason he's a vegan is very strange... find out right here

    11/14/2014 listen   download 
  • She hates us.

    Bobby was BLOWN OFF by Krista because he LISTEN's to us!!! She said she didn't like our show and he defended us. Find out what she had to say about people who listen to us... you are not gonna like it.

    11/13/2014 listen   download 
  • Date or Job Interview

    Nathan was BLOWN off by April after going on a few dates. She was mad because Nathan won't interview her for a job. Even though he knows she needs a job and they are in the same field.

    11/12/2014 listen   download 
  • ASexual

    Tamara was BLOWN OFF by Tim because he claims he's "ASexual". But he really isn't... find out what's the real reason he blew her off!

    11/6/2014 listen   download 
  • Sugar Mama

    Claudia has been BLOWN OFF by Antonio, because she doesn't make enough money...wth! Find out why he needs her to make more money right here!

    11/5/2014 listen   download 
  • Christmas All Year

    Noel is ADDICTED to Christmas! Her whole house was decorated with Christmas decorations and it's only November.

    11/4/2014 listen   download 
  • The D Pic

    JD was BLOWN OFF by Cami because he was sending her pics of his YOU KNOW WHAT!

    11/3/2014 listen   download 
  • Angry Caller

    Curtis was BLOWN OFF by Holly after he picked up his phone during their date and started yelling at the person on the other line. She thought it was his ex...but it wasn't. Find out who was calling by listening here!

    10/31/2014 listen   download 
  • You Can't Dress.

    Nicole was BLOWN OFF by Russell, because on every date she would criticize what he was wearing!

    10/30/2014 listen   download 
  • Pot Brownies

    Chelsea is BLOWING OFF Brandon after he gave her BROWNIES without telling her there was WEED in them!

    10/29/2014 listen   download 
  • Bad Costume

    Brianna was suppose to go to a Halloween Party with Dalton but now he is BLOWING HER OFF. He was embarrassed by her costume, find out what she was planning on wearing here.

    10/28/2014 listen   download 
  • Speeding Baby

    Tucker is being BLOWN OFF by Katherine after he got a speeding ticket...he did something that totally turned off while getting the ticket. Find out what right here!

    10/27/2014 listen   download 
  • No Invite

    Jamie is being BLOWN OFF by Garret after he helped her decorate for a party at her place for 6 HOURS and he didn't get invited!

    10/24/2014 listen   download 
  • Bromance

    John is a little hurt that his best friend Zach hasn't called him in 2 weeks! Find out why he isn't talking to him right now!

    10/23/2014 listen   download 
  • No kissing

    Faith is being BLOWN OFF by Levi after such a wonderful date. Apparently he didn't think she was interested in him, because he went to give her a kiss and she backed away. Find out why she back away by listening below

    10/21/2014 listen   download 
25 items
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