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Blown Off  

Ever had a great date with someone and then you NEVER heard from them again? Now, Mark and Anna from The Big Ape Morning Mess help jilted lovers find out why they were "Blown Off"!

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  • Reputation

    Lucy was Blown Off by Michael because she had a reputation for something, that was totally untrue! According to her at least. What do you think about this?

    4/17/2014 listen   download 
  • Ex Husband

    Dana was BLOWN OFF by John after he found out what her EX husband went to JAIL for!

    4/16/2014 listen   download 
  • Cookies

    Maria was Blown Off by Marco after she kept asking him for something the whole first date!

    4/15/2014 listen   download 
  • Embarrassing

    Justin was Blown Off by Mallory after he dropped her off at her house because she "wasn't feeling well" but then he watched her get in her car and drive away! What happened?

    4/15/2014 listen   download 
  • Grossed Me Out

    Dylan was Blown Off by Amelia because of something he can't even control! Do you think she's over reacting?

    4/14/2014 listen   download 
  • Awkward

    Jeff was Blown Off by Christine for something he just can't control! Do you think she's shallow?

    4/10/2014 listen   download 
  • Ribs

    Katie was Blown Off by Robby after they hooked up for a super RUDE reason! You wont believe what he said about her!

    4/9/2014 listen   download 
  • Gators

    OMG. Parker was Blown Off by Kennedy because he was a little more concerned with The Gator game than what they were doing! Find out what he did here!

    4/8/2014 listen   download 
  • Atlanta

    Henry was Blown Off by Faith because he did something SO creepy when she went to Atlanta for a business trip. Listen here!

    4/7/2014 listen   download 
  • Stuck Up

    Addison was Blown Off by Nathan because she seemed a little too stuck up. Find out what shocking thing she said about his career HERE!

    4/4/2014 listen   download 
  • Phone Charger

    Gia was partying with Payton at a club when his phone died and went to his car to charge it BUT he never came back! Find out what happened by listening here!

    4/3/2014 listen   download 
  • Drawer

    Angus Blown Off by Skylar after she discovered he has a whole drawer full of innappropriate things! What could it be?

    4/2/2014 listen   download 
  • French

    Julia was Blown Off by Ethan after a blind date after she trying to impress too much. Find out what she did by listening here!

    4/1/2014 listen   download 
  • Not My Type

    Olivia was Blown Off after just one date with Aiden because she led him to believe something about herself that wasn't true. Find out here!

    3/31/2014 listen   download 
  • Disney

    Vivian thought she met her prince charming after Decklin took her to Disney World on their FIRST date! But afterwards, he never called her again. What do you think went wrong?

    3/28/2014 listen   download 
  • High Five

    Eric was Blown Off because after he took Katie on a great dinner date! Find out what ILLEGAL thing he did by listening here!

    3/27/2014 listen   download 
  • Wax

    Asia was Blown Off by Donnie after giving him scars in the heat of the moment. (No pun intended.) Listen here!

    3/26/2014 listen   download 
  • Three

    Yvonne says she was being BLOWN OFF by Ronnie, but when we called him up he said he was tired of being the third wheel! What does he mean?

    3/25/2014 listen   download 
  • Everyone Paws

    Elia was Blown Off by Joel after offering to watch his dog while he went on vacation, but now he wont answer her calls! Find out what his excuse is for not coming to get his pup back.

    3/24/2014 listen   download 
  • Amateur Photographer

    While Mike (the amateur photographer) was on a date with Jackie, he asked the waitress if she would do Something for him!!! He claims it was just business...But she did not think the same!

    3/21/2014 listen   download 
25 items
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