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Blown Off  

Ever had a great date with someone and then you NEVER heard from them again? Now, Mark and Meghan from The Big Ape Morning Mess help jilted lovers find out why they were "Blown Off"!

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  • belly button rings 4-24-15

    This guy wont date becasue this chick had a belly button ring... hear his reason now... its not a good one lol

  • Left at Bar 4-23-15

    Find out why you should not get Wasted on a date.. if you did not know that already...

  • Fundraiser 4-22-15

    This guy is getting blown off for something he did on a business trip! See what happened now

  • Hows This Going? 4-20-15

    We just want to know how this is going.... Listen now it will all make sense!

  • Hoochie Mama 4-17-15

    This guy is blowing off a girl because she is tall... sorta.. see what happened here! #TallGirlProbz

  • TALKER! 4-16-15

    This Girl got blown off after she went on a date with a guy and he says its because she did not shut the EFF up! Listen now!

  • Awake Snore 4-15-15

    This guy is getting blown off because of something he honestly can not control! we feel bad for him! hear what happened here!

  • Pot Head 4-14-15

    This guy is getting blown off because He left in the middle of the date and got Stoned! Find out his reasoning here!

  • Shirt Probz 4-13-15

    This girl is getting blown off because she took something from the guy and the reason he wants it back is CREEPY!!! Listen to it now!

  • Ass Grabber 4-10-15

    This guy Is getting Blown off because he touched the girl inappropriately, find it all out here!

  • Moving Creep

    This guy helped a girl move and it FREAKED HER OUT! Find out the back story Now!

  • Selfie Mirror?

    This girl went on her phone right after sex... and its getting her blown off!! Why? Find out now!

  • Never Bring this on a Date

    This guy blew off this girl because she brought something you should not bring on a date, see what now!

  • Threesome! 4-2-15

    This Girl wanted to do a threesome! the Guy said he was down but once they talked a little more he backed out! Find out why right now!

  • Best Friends 4-1-15

    This guy heard stories about the girl he was dating from his friend... was the friend just being jealous or telling the truth? did he listen to him? listen now!

  • Purp 3-13-15

    This girl changed one thing between her first date with this guy and her second and it got her #blownOff Find out why!

  • Gun Show 3-30-15

    If going to a Gun Show a good Date Idea? find out if that's a yes or no now!

  • Goodwill 3-27-15

  • Lost Guy 3-26-15

  • Kentucky

188 items
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