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Listen to Mark Kaye's Cranky Calls on Tuesdays at 7:10 and 9:10 on the Big Ape Morning Mess! Check out all of your favorites on demand here.

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  • It's Just Business!

    Bree works at a bar that her husband absolutely HATES because of the tight clothes she has to wear. Mark called her husband today to pretend he was a guy she had drunkenly given her phone number to at work and she claimed it was just "Business." Listen to hear how he reacts!

    8/23/2011 listen   download 
  • Your Daughter is Not Smart Enough

    Mark calls a woman today to tell her that her daughter's is actually not qualified for the school she has already signed up and paid for! Listen to her reaction here!

    8/9/2011 listen   download 
  • Bad Temper

    Katiana's claims that her husband says she has a really bad temper. She doesn't think her temper is that bad so she asks Mark Kaye tp perform a Cranky Call on him. Listen here to see what happens!

    8/2/2011 listen   download 
  • You Removed Trees Without Authorization

    Melissa called us today to crank call her husband Nathan who has been having a lot of issues with his Home owner's association. He pretends to be working with his HOA saying there was unauthorized tree removal! Listen to his reaction here!

    7/26/2011 listen   download 
  • Your Sweater is Not Flattering.

    Mark called Tanya today and gave her a hard time about her profile, and said she should have wore something a little more revealing in her profile picture. Listen here to find out how she reacts!

    7/12/2011 listen   download 
  • Do You Guys Have Aerobics Classes?

    Mark calls a gym asking if they have spinning and aerobics classes, but the gym is actually more military targeted.

    6/21/2011 listen   download 
  • So You Wanna Come See Glee?!

    Mark prank called someone and invited them to come see Glee, but then notified them that he wasn't referring to the TV show, but "Glee County, Georgia!"

    6/14/2011 listen   download 
  • Do Not Take My Truck!

    Paige wanted Mark to prank call her boyfriend who she says has the most embarrassing truck ever and say she sold it!

    6/7/2011 listen   download 
  • Creepy Guy at Starbucks

    Melissa wants to prank call her friend Shannon about a creepy guy they always see at their Starbucks, and says she thinks they should go on a date!

    5/24/2011 listen   download 
  • You Have To Change Your Sons Name!

    Mark prank calls a mother and tells her there is a cease and desist issued on her son's name because she named him Enrique Iglesias.

    5/17/2011 listen   download 
  • Can You Bring Me Some Extra Pants?

    Mark prank called a store clerk and said he messed his pants and needed her to bring him new ones!

    5/10/2011 listen   download 
  • Hot Mom Prank Call!

    Mark called April, whose boyfriend said she was hot but not a mom and thinks maybe if offered enough money, she would say she really was a mom!

    5/3/2011 listen   download 
  • She Has a Bad Temper!

    A woman called and wanted Mark to prank call her husband because he always thinks she has a bad temper! Mark pretends he's a police officer as the husband tries to defend his wife!

    4/26/2011 listen   download 
  • I'm A Mall Cop Ma'am!

    Mark pranked called a woman and said he was a mall cop and she is in trouble for arguing with a worker at the food court.

    4/19/2011 listen   download 
  • First Timer To The Massage Therapist

    Mark called a massage therapy office pretending that he needed a happy ending, acting as if he doesn't know what that is!

    4/12/2011 listen   download 
  • Huge Justin Bieber Fan Gets Pranked!

    Samantha wanted to call her friend Beth who is obsessed with Justin Bieber and tell her she won backstage passes, so Mark did just that. Listen to how it went down!

    4/5/2011 listen   download 
  • Spring Break Bust - Daddy's Girl in Cancun!

    Charles called to see what his daughter Sydney was up to in Cancun on her spring break, only to find out way more than he wanted to know!

    3/22/2011 listen   download 
  • Spring Break Bust New Orleans Style!

    Brenda called in to do a spring break bust on her son Jimmy who is on Spring Break in New Orleans right now! She was in for a lot of surprises....

    3/15/2011 listen   download 
  • My Daughter Is Doing WHAT on Spring Break?!

    Bonnie called in to check up on her daughter while she's on spring break in Miami and found out way more than she ever wanted to about her daughter Courtney!

    3/8/2011 listen   download 
  • Your Wedding Dress Is Ruined!

    A girl who is the maid-of-honor in her best friend's wedding wants Mark to call the bride to tell her that her wedding dress is ruined!

    3/1/2011 listen   download 
30 items
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