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Dayton, OH

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[Video] Judge Judy Settles Dog Ownership Dispute By Setting Dog Lose In Court Room. 

Judge Judy decided the best way to tell who the puppies real owner is, was to let the dog lose!!! once the pup picks... You hear Judge Judy say “That’s All Take the dog home.”  

(Start the Video around 1:20) 

Miley Cyrus Drops New Music Video For “Younger Now” 

Miley Droped a new song with a tease on Instagram! Hear them both now!

Read more here

Justin Bieber Drops New Song Called Friend... Could it be about Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber Came out with a new song today called Friends... Here it now!

Many are quick to say the line “Can We Still be Friends” Is about Selena Gomez... They may have something to it cause Justin himself posted that clip to his Instagram...

More here

New App Called “Yellow” Is Being Called The “Tinder For Teens.” 

Might be time to check your kids phone for this app... According the the Apps iTunes page. “Yellow” is  not specifically marketed to young teens, but kids are starting to download the app.... Yellow is very much like “Tinder.” Where you swipe right to match with complete strangers... and then move over to talking on Snapchat or Instagram... or just Texting. (learn More about Tinder here)

ABC 15 in Araizona ran avideo on the potential danger of this app... 

New Company Offering Unlimited Trips to the Movie Theater for $9.95 A Month

Would you buy into this??? A Company called “Movie Pass” is offering a Monthly Subscription of $9.95 a month. 

it will allow you into one show a day at any theater in the U.S that accepts debit cards. (click here for more)

Chick-Fil-A Adds New Breakfast Bowl To Menu. 

According to their site Chick-Fil-A is adding the Hash Brown Scramble as a breakfast bowl or Burrito!!!

They say: 

“The Hash Brown Scramble is a hearty breakfast option made with Chick-fil-A’s signature “tot” style Hash Browns, scrambled eggs, a Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese blend and a choice of sliced Chick-fil-A Nuggets or sausage. Served with Jalapeño Salsa, the scramble can be enjoyed in a bowl or as a burrito.”

Looks like it will be affordable too! only $3.49 with 30 grams of protein (450 Calories)! 

Read more here

IKEA Reveals How You Can Have Your Own “Game Of Thrones” Cape!

The Other Week, Game Of Thrones consume designer told fans that the capes were actually made from IKEA rugs! 

Then Adzoo Consultancy showd us how simple it is to get one!!! Just find youself a Sheepskin run and: 

More here

Moms Up in Arms From “Disappointed in Engagement Ring” Post

There is a site called where parents (mainly moms) go to talk about things they’re dealing with... For example one mom posted about her disappointment with an engagement ring.

There seemed to be two reactions:

  1. Moms were saying she should be happy with what he gave her because he chose it
  2. Moms were saying she has to wear it for the rest of her life so if she did not like it she needs to speak up.

Thoughts? should she just be happy with the ring... or should she say something?

You can see more of the responces here.

Dunkin’ Donuts Announces “Pumpkin Spice” Is Coming Back On 8/28/17!

Where all our “Basic’s” at??? side note...Nothing is creeper than a guy in a body suit with a pumpkin face... 

Taylor said it best:

Are you excited for Pumpkin Spice Season?

”Deadpool 2” Stunt Person Killed On Set. 

According to TMZ, A stunt person was killed on the set of Deadpool 2 when a motorcycle stunt whent wrong. 

“the rider went airborne in Vancouver, Monday morning during filming... Witnesses say she never applied the brakes.”

The Riders identity is being withheld at this time. 

Jacksonville’s First City Skip Day!

[Video] Tim Tebow Greets An Autistic Fan While On Deck, Immediately Hits A 3-Run Homer. 

Could Tim Tebow be any cooler?!?!?!?!

In a video posted to Facebook by Llenna Bosch, you see Tim is next a bat, when a kid comes up to say hi. he leaves the batters box to greet the kid and then in the same moment goes to bat, and hits a 3-run homer... The crowd lost it!

regardless of your thoughts on Tebow, this was pretty cool... and a moment the kid will remember for ever!

Edible Oreo Cookie Dough Exists! Find Out Where You Can Buy It! 

There is this place online that sells all kinds of cookie dough! 

This Place is Rightfully called “The Cookie Dough Cafe” And they are a fair price... a 4-pack is $36 bucks! 

How many are you going to buy??? 

[Watch] Channing Tatum Pulls Out Magic Mike Moves On North Carolina Convenience Store Clerk 

Imaging walking in to buy a rad bull, or a pack of cigs and you turn the corner and see this! lol

We all wish we were that cashier... 

NFL Fans Threaten To Boycott If Colin Kaepernick Is Not Signed.

By now you know the story with Kaepernick and taking a Knee during the National Anthem before the Football Games. 

Many feel that is the sole reason that he is not on a NFL team right now, and now Fans are going to do something about that. His Supporters are going to hold a public Rally on August 23rd in front of the NFL headquarters. Even celebrities, Like Spike Lee,  are starting to jump on board.


Pink Drops New Single “What About Us” Hear It Now!

Pink Dropped a new single last night called “What About Us.” 

According to She is also planning to release an album on October 13th... Which will be her first in 5 years! 

Let us know what you think about the song! 

Ancient Crocodile Gets Named After Lemmy From Motorhead. 

Lemmy Kilmister, Singer and Founder of Motorhead who passed away 2 years ago was honored by British scientists who named a prehistoric Croc after him! The Croc’s Name is now “Lemmysuchus” 

According to The Huffington Post this Croc was 20-feet-long and live 164 million years ago. 

Starbucks Released New Horchata Frappuccino!!! 

This one seems a little less crazy than the Unicorn Frap... this one is made with Almond Milk!

So get all your Basic Friends and head on down to the local SB and get you some...

Gym Owner Posts “No Cops” Sign In Atlanta

According to Wgntv a Gym Owner in Atlanta posted a sign that say “No (expletive) Cops.” 

According to the same article, the sign has been taken down, not because of the Cops part, but because of the bad language, Wgntv claims the owner is planing on putting up a cleaner version. More here

287 items
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