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Dayton, OH

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Ed Sheeran And Eminem Collaborating On New Song - Comes out Friday! 

This might be amazing!!!! Eminem and Ed Sheeran will be coming out with a song together, THIS FRIDAY (12-15-17)! The Song is called “River” and Ed Sheeran talked to Billboard about how the Collaboration came to be. 

Ed Sheeran Took To Instagram to make sure to remind everyone that “River” with Eminem will be out on Friday! 

Chart Shows 8 Years Old Is The Appropriate Age To Start Leaving Your Kid Home Alone. 

This Info graphic shows at what age its ok to leave your child at home, and they say its 8 Years-Old!!! 

 The graphic says no kid under 7 should be left home alone, but after that GO FOR IT!

See the Full Story ---> Tap Here

Photo Shows Tons of Manatees Huddled Together in Florida Spring.  

According to the post Manatees make their way here when the weather gets colder. we can only assume its to keep warm!

Flip-Flop Socks... The Newest Florida Winter Fashion. 

Let me start by saying... PLEASE PLEASE don’t Wear these! Flip-Flop socks are exactly what they sound like... Socks that you can wear with your Flip-Flops while the weather starts to get a little cooler. This 100% seems like something Floridians would get behind... 

Looks like they are running at a price around $22... Again, Save yourself and do not get these.  (READ MORE TAP HERE)

Win Tickets To See Taylor Swift In Tampa! 

We’re looking ahead to next year, and one of the BIG concerts is the Taylor Swift Concert in Tampa! 

All This Week on the Big Ape Morning Mess You can win yourself a pair of tickets to the show! Just listen for the cue to call around 9am! 

listen in your car... or on our app:

Tupac’s Ex Is Selling A Nude Pic Of Him For $7,500

if you’ve every wondered what Tupac looked like down there... here’s your chance. 

According to TMZ, One of his Ex’s is looking to sell his junk Privately for $7,500 there is an Auction house accepting offers. 

You Can See the picture here

Mom’s Goes Viral As She Ask’s For Sleeping Beauty To be Banned From School For “Inappropriate Sexual Misconduct.” 

The Mom Took To Twitter to voice her concerns after seeing that “Sleeping Beauty” was a part of her son’s schooling, she claims that it should not be there because of “Inappropriate Sexual Misconduct.” 

Lil Wayne Releasing A New Mixtape This Month!

Rapper Lil Wayne Announced yesterday that he’ll be dropping a new Mixtape, Called Dedication 6, this month!!!

Study Shows Calling Millennials “Snowflakes” Damages their Mental Health. 

According to using the term “Snowflake” to describe Millennials is damaging to their mental health. In the survey three quarter of 16-24 years old said they believe it is unfair to call them that, and admitted it negatively affects their mental health. 

The survey also said 58% of people (all Ages) think the term is unfairly applied. Read all the findings here

The New Moe’s in Town Center Opening with “Pay What You Want Day!”

Welcome To Moe’s!!!! This might be the best day ever! The New Moe’s located at in the Town Center will be having “Pay What You Want Day” Tomorrow (December 7th)

The Concept is simple... order what you want, and pay what you want ALL DAY!!! This will all benefit Dreams Come True who will send the donations to help dreams of local children battling life-threatening illnesses. we’re assuming there’s going to be a long line, so maybe get there early...

Press Release here

Singer Melanie Martinez Accused of Sexual Assault by Former Friend

According to The Voice Singer Melanie Martinez has been accused of Sexual Assault by Former Friend, Timothy Heller, who claims to have said no to her Sexual Advances.

Melanie Martinez has responded, and denied the allegations:

DJ Tiesto Gets Engaged to Model Girlfriend Annika Backes! 

Imagine the pressure of having to DJ the best DJ in the worlds Wedding... Yikes! Regardless, Congrats to DJ Tiesto, he confirmed his engagement on Instagram yesterday:

According to, Tiesto is 48 years old and is now engaged to Model Annika Bakes, who is 21... TALK ABOUT AN AGE DIFFERENCE!! 

Here she is with her new Hubby hitting a clutch Jager pong shot:

Woman Has 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie.

According to “the Sun” This Woman's name is Sahar Tabar, and she has underwent 50 Surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie... and that’s not quite how she turned out if you ask many social media users. See what she looks like now:

Do you see the similarities?

The Weekend Deletes and Unfollows Selena Gomez On Instagram

If we were The Weekend we’d be mad at Selena Gomez too. She left him, after they dated for around 10 months, and went back to Justin Bieber(in like 3 days)... Today we noticed that The Weekend has deleted every photo of Selena from his Instagram, its almost like it never happened by the looks of his account now. (See for yourself here) 

Also, According to “” he is no longer following her on instagram:

Do you think The Weekend is being... Bitter, or is his actions justified? 

Want A New Job? December Is The Best Month To Get One! 

According to December can be the best month to find a job, because everyone else stops looking for a job around the holidays! 

They also say you probably wont get hired in December... but you’ll get looked at next month. They also point out that this month is a good time to NETWORK!!! maybe its a good thing to go and talk to your creepy uncle... who knows!

Ether way good luck on the job hunt, or be sure to share with with someone who’s looking! 

Here’s the full article

Ed Sheeran says there will be an “End Game” music video! 

Ed Sheeran may have slipped up over the weekend... An ET reporter asked him if there would be a music video for End Game and he said “i Don’t know What i can sat, but there is a music video for it!”

See him perform End Game with Taylor Swift for the first time here:

Now You Can Get A Tattoo That Changes Color! 

For Tattoo Lovers this could be pretty cool... but for Diabetics this could be life-saving! These Tattoos are called “biosensing” Tattoos and they change color depending on the persons Blood sugar level! 

25,000 Bugs Could be In your Christmas Tree!

According to a report by Organic Gardening and Pest Control Company Safer Brand, Up to $25,000 bugs could be on or in your Christmas Tree when you bring that thing into your house... 

Luckily they say they will mostly all die when you finish setting up the tree, its still a little nasty... Some of the bugs include: Aphids, Spiders, Mites, Beetles and Sawflies. 

439 items
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