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Parents looking to Hire Someone to Give “Sex Talk” To Their Kids.

I do not have children so I can only assume that giving them the “Sex Talk” is quite awkward! 

This one family is hiring someone to do it so they can avoid it entirely, and they are willing to pay £2,500!

Here are the requirements, you must have for their 8 year old and 7 year old as posted on

it brings up the question... should parents give the sex talk?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Says Groot Is Dead! 

WARNING!!!! Spoilers

Everyone loved Groot in the First Guardians Of The Galaxy movie... Saddly it seems as though he did not make it through the explosion at the end...

What about the tiny Groot in the 2nd movie you might ask... we after a twitter debate Director James Gunn explained that that “baby Groot” is his son. see the conversation for yourself:

[Video] Will Smith Rants about The Bugs In Georgia

Will Smith is In Savannah Georgia for a movie he is working on called Gemini Man, and he had something to say to all Georgia residents... he loved the state, but HATED the bugs! 

Jacksonville Lands #50 In Hardest Working Cities List. 

A new study ranked the 116 biggest cities in the country from the hardest working to the laziest. The study is based on things like average hours of work per week, commute times, the percentage of people with multiple jobs, and people's leisure time.

Jacksonville landed it self #50... which is a little more than half... so that’s good right? For the most part the other big cities in FL are better than us too... 

The 10 hardest working cities . . .


San Francisco . . . Fremont, California . . . Jersey City, New Jersey . . . D.C. . . . New York City . . . Oakland, California . . . Boston . . . Aurora, Colorado . . . Newark, New Jersey . . . and Chicago.

The 10 cities where people work the least hard . . .



Columbia, South Carolina . . . Charleston, West Virginia . . . Cheyenne, Wyoming . . . Fresno, California . . . Lubbock, Texas . . . Bakersfield, California . . . Buffalo, New York . . . Reno, Nevada . . . Fargo, North Dakota . . . and Toledo, Ohio. 

 See the full story here

Twitter Users Slam Chris Pratt For His “Prayer Request”

Chris Pratt Posted to Twitter, after hearing about Kevin Smith’s brush with a heart attach.... here’s Kevin’s post on what happened:

 Chris, posted only a few minunets after asking for everyone to send prayers his way... and it did not go over well. 

Barbara Streisand Cloned her Dog... TWICE! 

Have you ever loved your dog so much you wanted two more of the same dog???... If so you and Barbara have a lot in common! 

She admitted in an interview that she had her dog, Samantha cloned TWICE!

BTW... I googled “How much does it cost to clone your pet?” -- here is the answer:

“ViaGen Pets can produce a genetic twin to your beloved cat for $25,000, or your faithful dog for $50,000.”

Here’s what the puppies look like:

Huffington post has more here

Olive Garden invented a Pizza Crust Bowl Filled with Meatballs. 

My mouth is watering thinking about this!! Olive Garden has invented a Bowl Made of Pizza Crust, with Meatballs in it...

Just look at this thing... On top of it all its only $9 AND YOU GET UNLIMITED BREAD STICKS!!!!!! 

Ellen Finds Out That Bill Gates Has No Idea How Much Grocery Items Cost.

Fun fact... Billionaire Bill Gates does not know how much Grocery store items cost... Ellen was grilling him during her show the other day

Hopefully one day I can have this problem. 

Watch it now, they titled the game "Bill's Grocery Bills:

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