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Born: Rochester, NY

Age: 35

Favorite Food: I love sushi, my goal in life is to have a roll named after me at Bento Red in Tinseltown. I also love seafood, and Taco Lu!

Favorite Drink: You'll always find me with an energy drink on my desk, I also love girly drinks more than craft beers (can I still keep my man card?)

Off-Air Life: When I am not on air you'll find me either spinning in the clubs or at a wedding. When I am not working, I am usually spending time with my family at the beach, out and about or at the Wifey's fave spot, St. John's Town Center.

Career: I've had some amazing experiences in radio, meeting people like Justin Timberlake, The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Diddy, Ludacris, Usher, and more. I even got to drink champagne out of a championship trophy (shhh I was under 21). I also have had the chance to call some pretty awesome places home, Rochester NY, Pittsburgh PA, Greenville and Charleston SC, and now Jacksonville!