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The Big Ape Morning Mess, Weekdays 5:30am-10

Born: In West Palm Beach.

Age: 27

Favorite Food: I could LITERALLY eat Sushi every single day. Fruit, Veggie burgers and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

Favorite Drink: In no particular order: Water, Pino Noir, Orange juice, Vodka, and Diet Coke.

Off Air Life: If skin cancer did not exist, I would live ON the beach, it’s my favorite place to be. Riding bikes, swimming, running… I like to be active. But I also like to sleep. I'm a huge music fan. Going to concerts and discovering new music is my favorite thing to do. Also, SHOPPING (it’s quite possible I have a problem.) I have an awesome family and amusing friends that never seem to let me down. You can usually find me out on the weekends breaking it down on the dance floor.

Career: University of North Florida Alumni (SWOOP) with a major in Public Relations. I started as Promotions/Morning Show intern then began working on the WAPE promotions Street Team. Shortly after, I became the Morning Show producer and an on-air personality.

One Thing About Me Most People Don't Know: I was a cheerleader for eight years. This is one of the reasons why I accidently talk REALLY loud to someone who is standing two feet in front of me.


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