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[Watch] Starbucks Barista Has Funny Meltdown about The Unicorn Frappuccino

As you know the Unicorn Frappuccino has Taken over the internet... and Starbucks is only selling it for a limited time... well one Starbucks worker is not having it... he goes on a 1:28 second FUNNY rant about the new pink, blue and sour drink! 

Watch for yourself:

Are you going to try it... its your last weekend! - JustinCOnTheAir

Backstreet Boys Announce Cruise! 

Backstreet’s Back!!! And this time you can see them on a Cruise!!!

The cruise will be sailing the Carnival Sensation from Miami to Grand Turk for 4 nights!

Start saving your $$ cause you have about a year to get ready for this thing! - JustinCOnTheAir

Visit their FB page here!

[Viral-Watch] Florida Pro Tennis Match Interrupted By Loud Sex Sounds... 

There was a Tennis match that was hearing some interesting noises the other day at the Sarasota Open... 

Hear for yourself: NSFW

Some people even were tweeting about it lol 

There are just way to many puns that can be made... Between it being Love-15... or the players grunting - JustinCOnTheAir’

More here

Man Finds 14K On Street And Turns it in. 

According to a story posted by, A man found a bag on the side of the road in Ohio with 14K in it... (Full Story here)

Would you keep the Cash or Take it?

BTW i’m Taking it every time. - JustinCONTheAir

[Watch Video] Man and Woman Attacked In Their Pool By Crocodile.

This man and woman were just minding their own business when a crocodile just came charging in and attacked... and that’s no small animal...

Apparently the woman had some deep cuts on her shoulder and elbow... but everyone was OK - JustinCOnTheAir

[Watch] Angry Man Forces Woman To Pick Up Dog Poop With Her Barehand.

We’ve all been there... Sitting at the dinner table and you look out the window to someone letting their dog go #2 in your yard... and scampering away as quick as possible WITH OUT PICKING IT UP!

Well this guy did something about it:

** WARNING NSFW language**

Do you think he was too mean? - JustinCOnTheAir

[Watch Video] Mom Visits Sons Grave Looking for a Sign... Then this happens. 

Posted by Marie Robinson on her Facebook on April First.

She says in her post: 

“Cant believe whats just happened come to see my precious boy jack just sat down on ground next to him and this happened.yes it brought me to tears.taking it as a sign from jack.”

She has since received a ton of comments telling her how amazing the video is... How amazing is this video.

After she posted the video, she posted a third showing the robin again.

Houston Sky Pool Lets you Swim 500 Feet In The Air... 

There is a pool in Huston that’s making the rounds on social media today because its 500 feet in the air... and a glass bottom... so it looks like your flying, but if you’re scared of heights you may have some trouble.

I’d be so down - JustinCOnTheAir

Body of Missing Former Action News Jax Meteorologist Found In Maine

According to Police in Maine the Body of former Action News Jax Meteorologist has been found. 

Tom Johnston, Was 46 years old, and was reported missing on Monday, according to a a post by the Old Orchard Beach Police Department. 

you can see the post here: 

Action News Jax is updating their information as it comes in: here

[Video] Great White Spotted Near Jacksonville Florida. 

According to a Facebook post by “Jacksonville Florida “The 904”” A Huge Great white was seen swimming in Jacksonville’s waters.

The video has over 21K shares and over a million views... 

Looks like ill be sticking to the pool for a bit - JustinCOnTheAir

200 items
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