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#ThingsAnnoyingCoworkersDo Takes Over Twitter... 

Everyone has to deal with one... and Buzzfeed just unleashed the hounds lol they started #Things AnnoyingCoworkersdo and they all could not be more real: 

What one would you add to the list? - JustinCOnTheAir

More Here

Stanton College Prep Poster Sparks Controversy

Do you find this poster offensive? 

more here: 

Have You Tried The Newest Coffee Trend: “Espresso Tonic”

There is a new Coffee trend going around on Instagram (that is how trends get started these days) 

its called “Espresso Tonic.”

Think about all those Vodka Tonics you drink on the weekend... That but replace the Vodka with Espresso.

Daily Mail is saying there are some benefits, but I don’t see it... read more here: 

- JustinCOnTheAir

[Watch] “Hi, Stranger” Will Either Make You Feel Better About Yourself... Or Totally Freak You Out. 

Kristen Lepore made a short, nude,  claymation guy who literally looks into your soul... at least that’s how I felt when I was watching it...  

The less than 3 minute video already has over 500,000 views on YouTube...

There are mixed reaction of people liking it and totally hating it...

What are your thoughts? - JustinCOnTheAir

How Many Of these Weird (Common) Habits do you have?

Buzzfeed came out with a list of a bunch of weird habits that a good amount of people have... How many do you have?

1. When you leave a store without buying anything, do you get worried they'll think you're shoplifting? 75% of people said yes. 

2. When you write the word "Wednesday," do you sound it out in your head as "Wed-ness-day"? 85% of us do it.


3. Do you pace around and fidget with stuff while you're on the phone? 78% said yes.


4. Do you cringe when you hear a recording of your own voice? 82% said yes.


5. Do you ever worry other people are judging you for how fast your windshield wipers are going in light rain? 52% say yes.


6. When you're reading a book, do you ever space out . . . read a whole page . . . and then not remember any of it? 97% say yes.


7. Do you ever close Facebook or Twitter because you're bored with it . . . then open it back up one second later without thinking? 93% say yes.


8. Do you ever respond to your pet by saying, "I know" after they bark or meow? 83% of us do it. 

More here! - JustinCOnTheAir

Grammar Snob App Lets You Fix Your Friends Typos in Text... 

I personally am not a grammar snob... TBH i have trouble with spelling and Grammar, but i know a lot of people out there that would love this app! 

For only .99 you can be a total A$$ about grammar, in text! from the reviews it seems like people like it! 

Check it out in the app store - JustinCOnTheAir

A School in Illinois “Randomly Assigns Prom Dates”

The Today Show Tweeted out today that there is a school in Illinois that is assigning prom dates... 

Are you for this or against this? - JustinCOnTheAir

Most people seem against it:

Viral Video: People Are Losing It Over The Size Of This Chicken. 

This video hit the internet over the weekend, and it has been a huge debate since. i mean for real look at the size of this thing!

Some say it a person in a Costume.

Others are saying its a breed of chicken... 

All i know is that’s a whole lot of chicken nuggets lol - JustinCOnTheAir

More here:

Ed Sheeran Says He Wont Regret His Tattoos. 

As you know Ed Sheeran has a Lot of Tattoos...

When asked about them Ed said that he did not think he would ever regret them... “Do you ever see your Grandfather with his shirt off? I dont think ill regret them” 

More here: 

New Despicable Me Trailor is here! 

200 items
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