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The Inside Scoop Of Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin’s Upcoming Wedding 

It’s happening, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are having a wedding. They are already married but now they’re having a ceremony to invite their family and friends. According to TMZ, it’s happening March 1st which is also Justin Bieber’s birthday. Also, sources say that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have already received their save the date. Apparently this is going to be a religious wedding since the first time they got married it was not. Read more details here

Bride Wants To Buy Bridesmaids Contacts So Eyes Don’t Clash The Dress

Just when you think you've heard of EVERY crazy thing that some bride has done before her wedding, someone like THIS comes along.

A woman recently posted on a Facebook group for brides about a plan she was considering for her wedding: Buying her bridesmaids all colored contact lenses. Why? So their eyes don't clash with the color of the dresses.

 Quote, "How over the top is it to buy my blue-eyed bridesmaids color contacts? I'm offering to let them select any other color, even a rich amber brown like mine . . . I'm not afraid of being overshadowed!

 "I just think blue eyes would clash, since one of the wedding colors is chartreuse."

 And the consensus was . . . yes, that's too over the top. Oh . . . and if you're going with chartreuse dresses, which are a yellowish-green color, there's LOTS of stuff they're going to clash with

I Feel Slighted That Jax Is Not A Top 50 City For Coffee. 

A new study found the 10 best cities for people who love coffee. And the rankings are based on just one factor: The number of coffee shops per capita.

Some FL cities that made the list... Orlando 21st, Miami at 29th, and Tampa at 45th... No Jax. :( 

Here's the top 10 list . . .


1. Berkeley, California.


2. Vancouver, Washington. (Which is on the border with Oregon, near Portland.)


3. San Francisco.


4. Seattle.


5. Portland, Oregon.


6. Salt Lake City.


7. Minneapolis.


8. Pittsburgh.


9. Everett, Washington. (Just north of Seattle.)


10. Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

More here

Alicia Keys’ Hilarious Reaction To Her Hosting The Grammys 

Alicia Keys told her kids that she’s hosting the Grammys this year and it did not phase them AT ALL. When she told them the news one of them said “What’s The Grammys?” It’s pretty funny watch here

Meghan Markle Gets Called “Fat Lady” 

 Meghan Markle was visiting an animal charity and meeting lots of people when this one woman said something not so nice. Meghan is six months pregnant and this lady said quote, “May the good Lord always bless you. And you’re a fat lady!” Meghan Markle just laughed it off and said “I’ll take it.” Watch here

Some Dude Says Ambien Made Him Propose To His GF...

We learned from Roseanne last year that Ambien makes you tweet offensive stuff . . . who knew it also made you ROMANTIC?

 A guy posted a story on Reddit on Monday about what happened to HIM when he was on Ambien.

 He says he couldn't sleep so he popped a LOT of it in the middle of the night and, apparently, he proposed to his girlfriend.

 He had a ring because he buys and sells jewelry on Craigslist, and he had no idea he proposed until the next day . . . when he realized he'd also changed his Facebook status to "engaged" and it got more than 150 likes.

He says he hadn't planned on asking his girlfriend to marry him for at least another year and a half and, quote, "probably would've gotten her a better ring, but Ambien sped up the process."

Now he's swearing off it for good.... His full story is below:


Why Are People Googling “Can You Eat A Flamingo?”

Not that it matters, but the answer is YES... but its not legal. 

If you type "can you eat a" in Google, one of the top suggestions is "FLAMINGO." Which means there have been lots and lots of people searching for that question.


In the U.S. and lots of other countries, it's illegal to hunt or eat flamingos. 



But if somehow you wind up at an underground exotic meat buffet and they have flamingo, it IS safe to eat. Don't expect it to taste like chicken though. Apparently flamingo meat tastes more like duck, but with a slightly fishy taste... not that i would know, thats info is according to

Parents, A Kid Called The Cops Because Her Dad Took Her Phone. 

This is going to have all parents  getting together, But it brings up the debate... can you take away a “Gift” from your kids? is reporting a story about a 16-year old who called the cops on her Dad because he took away her cellphone. 

According to their report the Cops told the 16-year-old "Guess what? Everything that you own... belong to your mother and your father. Having a phone is not a right. It's privilege," the officer told her.

Let us know what you think about the comment below:

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