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Restaurant Switched From Crinkle-Cut, To Straight Fries And People Are Mad

Jim and Leslie Parsons own a little fast food joint called Bolley's Famous Franks in Waterville, Maine. They've been around since 1962.


 They bought it about a year ago, and they just made a big change: They switched from crinkle-cut to straight fries. Their new fries are about the same size as the ones at McDonald's.


 They said they did it because the machine that does the crinkle cutting keeps breaking down and the blades are really expensive. So they had to make the change.


But their customers are FURIOUS. Or, as they put it, quote, "disturbing and hostile."


 They've had people yelling at them. They've had people swearing at them. And Jim even had one guy try to FIGHT him.



So now, the Parsons are asking for people just to be peaceful . . . but they aren't planning to switch back to crinkle-cut. 

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Justin Bieber Has A New Sister! 

Yes, that’s right! Justin Bieber took to Instagram to show how excited he was to have another baby sister!

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[Pod] Streamer Ninja Wont Play With Women Out Of Respect For His Wife. 

Video game Streamer Ninja has come under some fire after comments he made during one of his live streams.

Ninja has more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube, 10 million on Twitch, and over 3 million followers on Twitter.

In the stream, he said that he does not stream with Women, because he does not want to deal with the comments, and rumors people would have. By that he meant people starting rumors about him and his wife.  

Here is his Twitter response:

Let us know what you think now by tweeting us!

- @JustinCOnThe Air

- @Tank

Londsay Lohan Wants To Play Ariel in The Little Mermaid

Lindsay is letting us know that she would be TOTALLY DOWN to play Ariel in a “Little Mermaid” remake.

She shared a screenshot from the famous 1989 Disney film of Ariel and Ursula on Instagram Monday

She also tagged Disney Studios and expressed her desire to play the lead role! She also had a costar picked out to play Ursula....Meryl Streep.

Personally, if I’m Meryl, i’d feel a tad insulted lol - @JustinCOnTheAir 

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Nick Jonas May have Spent $200,000 On Priyanka’s Engagement Ring! 

If you did not know Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are engaged, and until now no one had seen “THE RING”

The post was put up on Instagram the other day by Raveena Tandon:

According to E! News: 

 Andrew Brown, President of WP Diamonds said, "It looks to be somewhere around a G color, VS1 clarity which, from Tiffany & Co, would have a value of around $200,000." Read more here

I have trouble paying more than $30.00 when i take a trip to Publix, so this is really hurting me - @JustinCOnTheAir 

Colorado School Switches To A 4-Day School Week. (No Classes Monday)

It’s like every kids dream! No school on Monday! 

According to a post by A school in Colorado just started its first year with only a 4-day school week!

“School District 27J will transition from a five-day student contact week to a four-day student contact week beginning in August 2018.

The Brighton-based school district made the announcement official in a news release Monday morning.

School District 27J says the four-day week will help create a schedule that acts as enticement for recruiting and retaining quality teachers as well as allows for the allocation of resources to items more critical to the district's "primary purpose."

Apparently this is all to save money. The article says, by not running school buses on the days with no classes, the district estimates to save around $700,000.

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CW’s “The 100” Star Arrested

Actress Marie Avgeropoulos, who play’s Octavia in the CW show The 100, was arrested according to TMZ

According to TMZ, she is on new medication and drank some wine with it during dinner that evening.

------> If you have not seen this show (the 100) you should check it out! 

On another note, it is reported that her boyfriend didn’t want her arrested, but rather for police to diffuse the situation. He is even reported to be the one that bailed her out.  the Bond was set at $50,000.

- See her mugshot and Read more here

Nicki Minaj’s EX Says She Stabbed Him, And He Almost Died! 

Nicky Minaj and her Ex, Safaree Samuels, have been sub-tweeting each other this whole week, and things got a little interesting when he claimed that she stabbed him and he had to lie to the cops so she would not go to jail!

Here are their tweets:

Read the whole story here!

Watch Out For Wasps! They Might Be Drunk! 

If you thought August was going to be a relief after this insanely hot summer, think again. It's bringing in a whole new summer enemy: DRUNK, ANGRY WASPS.


This is the time of year when wasps go out looking for sweet fluids to drink . . . and they usually find some rotting, fermented fruit in garbage cans.


Since they're tiny, even a sip of that is enough to get them HAMMERED. And then they fly off, all drunk and angry and looking for people to sting.


On the bright side, this phase should only last for a few more weeks . . . but until then, if you see any wasps, just know they might be drunk and could have bad intentions. 

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Fans Upset With Sam Smith After He Says “I Don’t Like Michael Jackson.” 

There is a video going around of Sam Smith hanging out on a boat... and in the video, you hear him say “I Don’t Like Michael Jackson, but this is a good song.”

This has upset many Michael Jackson fans, most notorious is Stephanie Mills

Some other Twitter users had comments as well:

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