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BABECAST: Megan Kilis

Meghan sat down with the co-owner of Jacksonville Moms Blog, Megan Kilis! She talks about her journey through college, love for Bravo, the inspiration behind Jax Moms Blog, what it's like to run a local blog, how to deal with criticism on social media, some powerful posts that have helped moms, and SO much more!


BABECAST: Aidee Chavez Frescas

Meghan sat down with Social Media Manager/content creator and all around bad ass, Aidee. They talk about her decision to move to America from Mexico, working hard to learn English while working full-time, her love for tacos and Grey's Anatomy, experiences in the corporate world, the importance of finding a mentor, and the decision to start her own business.


BABECAST: Virginia Chamlee

Meghan sits down with editor of Jacksonville Magazine, writer Buzzfeed, artist and super talented designer/thrifter, Virginia Chamlee! Virginia and Meghan talk about their love for crime shows, her insane house renovation, what it's like to be a professional writer, how to make some money from hobbies and SO much more.



Meghan talks with Bri the designer and founder of Label B swimwear- "Swimwear That Doesn't Suck For The Planet!" Bri opens up about her transition from the corporate design world to the moment she realized she wanted to break off onto her own. She hand makes ALL of her suits by herself and talks about how important it is to support ethical and sustainable manufacturing.


BABECAST: Anna Claire Hodge

Fashion blogger, writer, college professor, clothing brand owner- Anna Claire Hodge is on Babecast today! Meghan and Anna get really real in this episode and cover everything from mental illness, self-love, fear of failing, the struggles of social media and staying true to yourself. Anna talks about her incredible career journey and passion for creative writing, fashion and beyond.


BABECAST: Christina Block

Meghan talks with a Jax native & photographer, Christina Block! Christina opens up about her house getting flooded after Hurricane Irma, being a single mom, motivation to start her own business after going through a difficult time and her passion for taking photos.


BABECAST: Jamie O'Neill

Do you have a wedding or special event coming up? Jamie O'Neill from Big Day Ready is your girl! Meghan and Jamie talk about her modeling career and living in Paris, what it's like to live and work on a cruise ship for nine months and her passion for fitness. Her company helps couples look and feel great in preparation for their big day... whether it be wedding, vacation, anniversary ETC.


BABECAST: April Caldwell

Everyone hates budgeting, right? Well according to money master April Caldwell, you SHOULDN'T! Meghan and April chat about managing money and how you don't have to sacrifice your future for your budget today. April gives some her tips and talks about how she helps women avoid those financial mistakes.


BABECAST: Maureen Of Neat Jax

Meghan talks to the babe who quite literally has her sh*t together! She owns NEAT and organizes people's home, office and life. If you need tips on how to get rid of that dress you might-actually- wear- one- day- probably not though, she is your girl.


BABCAST: Meghan Trainor

Meghan got the opportunity to talk with the one and only super talented, Meghan Trainor! Besides the fact that she has a fantastic name, she's all around the sweetest babe! They talk about her vocal surgery, her recent struggle with crippling anxiety, being engaged to the love of her life and of course, her new music!


BABECAST: Miranda Lang

Are you one of those people that tends to kill any plant to ever exist in your home? You're not alone, and Miranda from Succulent Strong has tips on how to keep your house plants ALIVE. She owns a succulent design company and shares her passion for creating beautiful succulent designs for YOU. Also, they discuss other important things in life like, The Real Housewives.


BABECAST: Cara Of Blue Jay Listening Room

If you have a serious appreciation & love for live music, you'll love Cara- owner of Blue Jay Listening Room. Cara and Meghan talk about their favorite artists, some bad ass shows they've been to, what it's like running a music venue and how the love and passion keeps Cara motivated to keep the Jacksonville music scene alive and well.


BABECAST: Stephanie From Borrowed Babes

Stephanie brings Meghan Rose for breakfast which leads to lots of fun stories. We talk about everything from, meeting Bachelor contestants, and her close fainting encounter at New York Fashion week. Stephanie shares her passion for working in the fashion industry and how you can wear super expensive brands without having to pay the prices. Check it out!


BABECAST: Rachel Roberts

Meghan talks to Rachel Roberts, the founder & CEO of OYL + Water, a super rad marketing boutique for beauty and lifestyle brands. She talks about life as a professional actress, what it's like to work in the beauty industry and her unique tactic that helps her company stand out.


BABECAST: MaryAnne Rodriguez

Meghan talks to Maryanne Rodriguez, owner of Root Realty. From the struggles of teaching at a low-income school to opening her own Realty company she's been through A LOT, and she's killing it. Maryanne is giving all the tips and secrets on how to go about purchasing a home and what it's like to own your own business while also being super mom and wifey.


BABECAST: Rachel Deremer

If you've got a serious sweet tooth but don't want to feel terrible about yourself after eating a whole gallon of ice cream (guilty) you're going to want to listen to this episode! Rachel Deremer is a chef and she runs a company called Fit Fab Foods where she focuses on baking "macro friendly" treats for those who are fitness focused but don't want to give up sweets. She talks about her journey in the cooking world, running her own company, and the importance of balance.


BABECAST: Monica Merrill

Meghan talks to the creator of the brand new influencer app Flippersplash, Monica Merrill! Monica talks about her journey from working on 90's TV shows like FRIENDS, ER, Saved By The Bell, to becoming an entrepreneur. She just launched a brand new app called Flippersplash which connects brands and influencers!



Meghan talks with the first musician of Babecast, Jolie! They talk about The Grammys, The Voice, performing in front of an audience, musical inspirations, her favorite songs and more!


BABECAST: Toni Hernandez

Today on Babecast founder of Leading Ladies and leadership coach Toni Hernandez is here! Toni talks about the awesome book she's writing, how to get on Ellen, motivation behind creating Leading Ladies 904, and she's giving some seriously good advice.


BABECAST: Kristin Keen

Welcome back BABES! For the first episode of 2018 Meghan talks with the founder and president of Rethreaded, Kristin Keen. Kristin talks all about the mission and goals for Rethreaded, the motivation behind wanting to help survivors of human trafficking , her experience in India, what it's like to see the transformation of a survivor, and how you can help support their store/movement!

50 items
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