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Posted: November 09, 2017

The WAPE Secret Sound Wrong Guesses PAGE! 

By Cousart Justin

Congrats! you found it, the Big Ape Secret Sound wrong answers page!!!

Every Jackpot starts at $2,000!!!!

Congrats to Stephanie!!! She guessed our first Secret Sound & Won $4,700!!!

  • “It was Closing Sunglasses”

Sound Number 2!

Congrats to Sheri!!! She Guessed Our Second Secret Sound & Won $4,300!!!!

She Guessed “Dropping A Fidget Spinner”

Congrats to Kristen!!! She guessed our secret sound and won $3,300!!!

“Twisting the top of a marker” 

Our Last Secret Sound has been Guessed... The Secret Sound:

Our Last Sound was Opening a Cooler!

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