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Posted: January 25, 2018

Company tells Vietnamese man: 'If you no speak English, I will send you home'

This undated photo provided by Emily Huynh shows her father, Minh.
Emily Huynh
This undated photo provided by Emily Huynh shows her father, Minh.

By Patranya Bhoolsuwan,

The family of a Vietnamese man who received an email written in broken English after he applied for a job is speaking out to

A viral tweet posted by the man's daughter prompted the company to fire its human resources manager.

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For 18-year-old high school student Emily Huynh, her father, Minh, is her hero. That's why she got upset when she saw an email he received from the human resources manager of Dash Delivery LLC, a company based in Everett, Washington, where he had applied to be a driver.

It said, "Let me tell you now. If you no speak English. I will send you home."

“I looked at it and said, ‘Wait,’” Huynh said. “Why are you mocking my dad’s English?”

Huynh posted the email on her Twitter account and immediately got hundreds of responses, many from outraged people.

Huynh called the email "insulting" and "ignorant."

“He knew what he was planning to say,” Huynh said. “The email takes typing. He knew what he was trying to tell my dad.”

Less than 24 hours after Huynh’s tweet was posted, her father got a letter of apology from Kevin Bus, the owner of the delivery company.

Bus said the communication was "inappropriate and inconsistent with our company's values."

Bus also said the company is reviewing and re-evaluating best practices to ensure the situation doesn’t repeat itself.

Huynh said that because of her tweet, job offers have been coming in for her father, who emigrated to the United States from Vietnam to provide a better life for his family. tried to contact to the human resources manager directly, but we were not able to reach him.

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