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Should You Bring Your Pet On Vacation With You? ?

New Music Friday: Kygo, Khalid, Nicki Minaj & Alessia Cara!

New Music Friday! This week we have lots of POP hits!!!

1. Martin Garrix teamed up with Khalid for their new song Ocean

2. They were teasing on instagram all week and its here! Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande joined back up for their song Bed!

3. The only song we’re highlighting this week that does not have a feature! its Alessia Cara with her song Growing Pains

4. This song was another one that was being talked about on Instagram this week...Kygo ft. Imagine Dragons - Born To Be Yours

All the songs are below, let me know which on is your favorite! - @JustinCOnTheAir 

Colorado Winds Pick Up A Porta Potta, Spraying the Crowd.  

Talk about nasty... and also a bit scary!

This video was posted by Gabriel Flores on June 11th when they were experiencing very windy conditions. So much so, that it picked up a Porta Potty and tossed it a few yards!

I’m glad to see that everyone in the video seems ok, but i think they may want to go take a shower because, in the video you can see the toilet liquid spray everywhere! 

The video is very Viral right now with over 1,300,000 Views:

TV Show “Lucifer” Picked Up By Netflix, After Fox Canceled The Show.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

TV Show “Lucifer” Picked Up By Netflix, After Fox Canceled The Show.

Guess FOX is cleaning house... Lucifer is the 2nd show that FOX has canceled this year (the first is Brooklyn Nine-Nine) 

Personally I had not gotten into Lucifer, but the few episodes that I have seen were very entertaining. Fans will be happy to know that the show is not going away because Netflix has picked up the show! 

According to “Netflix is reviving the canceled Fox drama for a fourth season. The DC Entertainment series, which hails from Warner Bros. Television, was axed in March.”

Read more here

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Truck fatally hits two children at mud bogging event, officials say

Two children, 15 and 10 years old, were hit and killed at a mudding event in Middle Georgia when a driver lost control of his truck due to a mechanical failure, the Georgia State Patrol said.

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An 11-year-old was hit and injured in the incident Saturday night at the South Creek Mud Boggin’ in Milledgeville, according to the GSP.

Shortly before 7 p.m., the driver of a 1988 Chevrolet S10 was completing his run through the mud pit and preparing to exit, GSP spokeswoman Franka Young said.

“The throttle of the vehicle stuck, the driver was unable to slow down, and he lost control of his vehicle as he exited the mud pit,” she said.

“The vehicle traveled through a cabled area and struck three small children before it overturned and came to an uncontrolled stop.”

The 11-year-old was flown to a medical facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The others were pronounced dead at the scene.

No identities have been released. The GSP is conducting an investigation.

“Our Mud Boggin’ family is heartbroken,” event officials said on Facebook. “There are no words that can ever be said to even begin to express our sorrow.”

Florida tower implosion: ‘It took 12 seconds to come down,  10 years to build’

Florida tower implosion: ‘It took 12 seconds to come down, 10 years to build’

Twin cooling towers in North Jacksonville, Florida, were imploded on Saturday morning, changing the landscape of the city as a result, Action News Jax reports.

Together, the towers are the second-largest structures of their kind to be imploded in the United States. 

“It took 12 seconds to come down, took 10 years to build them,” Bob, a former employee, told Action News Jax

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The 464-foot towers were part of a large coal-fired electric generating plant, made of 100,000 tons of concrete, and nearly 20 tons of reinforcing steel rods.

It took more than 1,500 pounds of dynamite and 12,000 linear feet of detonation cord to bring down both towers simultaneously.

It was a bittersweet day for former employees of the St. Johns River Power Park -- which was jointly owned by JEA and Florida Power & Light -- and their families. 

Before the implosion Saturday morning, hundreds of people gathered to share a lifetime worth of memories.

The former workers who devoted three decades to the plant powering Jacksonville say the loss is overwhelming, but also a reminder of all that they've gained.

“We came from all over the United States. They went out and found the best coal fire employees that they could and we just became a family,” said Bob.

The former employees said while they are sad to see the towers go, they're also excited about the future and what this means for the environment.

JEA said closing the plant will reduce the utility's carbon footprint by approximately 30 percent.

Family members of employees said they vividly remember moving to Jacksonville in the 1980s as the towers were going up.

“I can remember in elementary school climbing into them when they were in outage and doing tours,” said Candice Samples-Morris.

Samples-Morris said her father and husband both worked at the plant. For her, the towers symbolize security and the ability to provide for her daughter, who has special needs.

“It provided insurance benefits and just that security as a kid ... it's kind of like our life,” Samples-Morris said.

Samples-Morris said her daughter will have constant reminders of the 464-foot towers that left a lasting impression on Jacksonville's skyline -- and their lives.

“All these guys are still a part of her life,” Samples-Morris said. “They pulled together and created their own family here.’