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Am I Wrong: Reading

If your child loves to read, do you punish them by taking away reading?


Am I Wrong: Spiting Rent

When a BF is staying with your roommate, does he need to pay a 3rd of the rent? That's what Melissa and Nicole are going through


Am I Wrong: Little Bro

Natalie had to find out some important info FB the Internet


Am I Wrong: No College/Text Tracking

A mom found out her son isn't going to college because she tracks his texts...and he's not too happy about it.


Am I Wrong: Kids at the Party

Babysitter canceled last minute and she brought her kids to the adult party anyways. Is she wrong?


Am I Wrong: Pardon the Interrupting

This wife interrupts her husband constantly but is she wrong for it?


Am I Wrong: Toilet Paper

If you use most of the TP, should you pay more than your significant other?


Am I Wrong: Thank You Notes

Do you have to send thank you notes for thank you notes?


Am I Wrong: Hotel Stealing?

If you take stuff from a hotel like soaps or a robe, is that stealing or did you pay for it with the price of the room?


Am I Wrong: Trash for Cash

These two are about to lose their friendship over trash and turning it around to make a buck.


Am I Wrong: Prostitution Wife

Mark and Meghan get an interesting am I it prostitution to do stuff in the bedroom in return for gifts or is that marriage?


Am I Wrong: Prostitution Wife

Mark and Meghan get an interesting call....Is it prostitution to do some things in the bed room in return for gifts? Or is that the definition of a marriage?


Am I Wrong: No Call Days

Can you just put everyone on hold for three days and ignore your phone or are you obligated to answer?


AM I WRONG: Wedding Changes

After seeing the Royal Wedding, this guy's fiancée wants to redo the whole wedding right before it happens.


AM I WRONG: Clothing

Can you buy just one type of shirt and buy 8 of them?



Dating someone for 8 months then they order you break up. Who's wrong here?


AM I WRONG: Bday Gift

Erica calls to find out if she's wrong. Her boyfriend wants to get her a surprise birthday gift from him but he got mad when Erica sent a photo of what she would like.


AM I WRONG: Tipping

You see an old friend and they're your server. Do you have to tip them more than you would a stranger?


AM I WRONG: Cellphone Vacation

Troy wants to have a nice vacation without cell phones but his girlfriend thinks that's crazy. vtvt


AM I WRONG: Dad Stays With Us

Claire has a problem with Forest letting his Dad stay with their family.

33 items
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