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Cardi B & Travis Scott Rumored To Perform During The Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

This week it was announced that Maroon 5 would perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show this year in Atlanta. A lot of Hip Hop Fans were upset that there was not a Hip Hop artist performing this year since its in the ATL... To follow those complaints up, there are rumors floating around that Cardi B and Travis Scott will be joining Maroon 5 on Super Bowl Sunday... It has been met with mixed reviews. 

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Students Are Protesting Classroom Speeches Because It makes Them Anxious

Teenagers all over the country are joining a movement to protest against having to stand up in front of their class to give a presentation. Why? Because public speaking can make them too ANXIOUS.


The protest started when a 15-year-old high school student posted a tweet (below) earlier this month


 Her tweet got a ton of comments and retweets... some of which are supporting what she's saying.


Should schools cut out mandatory public speaking because it's bad for some kids' mental health? Maybe it's not a question of right or wrong.


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Space Jam 2 Is 100% Happening. 

It’s confirmed! Lebron James is planning a Space Jam 2, and he has brought on Ryan Coogler to Produce it,  According to!

For those asking Ryan Coogler is also the guy who was behind Black Panter, But i’m only concerned with knowing if Bill Murray will come back!

Fans of the show did get a little taste when Pistons player Blake Griffen had a Space Jam esque commercial: 

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Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Adopted A Mini Pig! 

Ariana Grande added one more to their family today! This time they are adding a Mini Pig.

I have yet to see a name, but E! News is reporting that Pete Davidson got a tattoo of the pig, and according to the tattoo the pigs name might be “Piggy Smalls.”

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Father Believes he Captured A Ghost On His Baby Monitor. 

Personally I am the kind of guy that will analyze these videos over and over... This ones does not look like a Ghost to me.

According to DailyMail “Stephen Armstrong saw a spooky 'orb visiting from the other side' on his baby monitor as his 13-month-old daughter Ella's slept in her cot. “

Thoughts? Is it a ghost? 

[Watch] HUGE Snake Pukes Up An Even Bigger One! 

The first thing that comes to mind is Cleveland, from Family Guy, Saying “That’s Just nasty...” Again another reason to be freaked out by snakes. 

From the few episodes of Animal Planet I have watched, snakes will do this when they feel threatened, and snakes can eat animals bigger than them so... Looks like this video was taken in India. 

[Watch] The Latest Trailer For Mary Poppins Is Out... And It Looks Great! 

The latest trailer for Mary Poppins Returns is now here. Watch the magic in UK cinemas 21 December.

Eminem drops “Killshot” Dissing MGK For His Diss Track. 

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are currently in a beef... and it looks like things are heating up with Eminem dropping “Killshot”

Here are both MGK’s diss and Eminem's... who’s winning so far? *Warning Language is hella NSFW*

Super Mario Brothers Ranks #1 On List Of Best Videogame Franchises. 

Wednesday 9-12-18 was  National Video Games Day. And a new survey asked people to name the best video game franchise of all time. And there was a CLEAR winner.


Almost 50% of people in the survey voted for the "Super Mario Brothers" franchise. People could vote for multiple games, so the percentages don't add up to 100. But here are the top ten video game franchises of all time, according to the survey . . .



1.  "Super Mario Brothers", 47% of people voted for it.


2.  "Call of Duty", 21%.


3.  "Donkey Kong", 19%.


4.  "Grand Theft Auto", 19%.


5.  "Pokémon", 16%.


6.  "Zelda", 13%.


7.  "Sonic the Hedgehog", 13%.


8.  "Final Fantasy", 9%.


9.  "Halo", 9%.


10.  "Crash Bandicoot", 7%. 31% of people in the survey said they play video games every day . . . 41% play phone games WHILE watching TV . . . 39% play in bed . . . and 34% kill time playing games on the toilet. Read More Here

HBO’s Westworld Adds Aaron Paul For Season 3. 

Aaron Paul is best known for his roll as Jessie from Breaking bad:

Now HBO is bringing him on to enter the world of Westworld, according to!  

John Legend Joining The Voice For Season 16! 

NBC announced John Legend is going to sign on to be a coach in the new season of The Voice!

According to “Legend will replace award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson.”

This Company Had To Know This Shirt Would Make People Mad... Right?

This company called Revolve put out a shirt that says, “Being Fat Is Not Beautiful, Its An Excuse.” Im guessing they were going for motivational... but i’m not seeing it, and neither is Twitter:

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The 40th Anniversary Of The River City Pride! 

The 40th anniversary of the River City Pride parade will take place October 6th and 7th, at 5 points in Riverside and the Riverside Arts Market!

This year the event is 70’s theme! Be sure to check out their site for more info! (CLICK HERE)

Location & Event Information: 

The Bank of America Pride Parade on Oct. 6th, kicking off at 4pm and ending in historic 5 points of Riverside. (Meghan and Savannah from the Big Ape Morning Mess will be the Parade MC’s on the main stage in 5 points!)

The celebration continues into the next day with the Pride Festival, Oct. 7th, from 11am-8pm at the Riverside Arts Market with a variety of food, beverages and entertainment from over 100 vendors as well as a family fun zone 

[Video] Taylor Swift Roasts Ed Sheeran While They Were Hiking! 

Taylor Swift was roasting Ed Sheeran while they were hiking, because he seemed out of breath!  

In the video Taylor Swift and  Ed Sheeran also talk about going up against Drake at the American Music Awards, Taylor was just nominated for favorite album pop/rock on Instagram by posting a video of herself and longtime pal and collaborator 

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Tim Tebow Auctioned Off His Heisman Trophy For A Year.

Tim Tebow was in Gainesville helping out with the charity, “Food4Kids” last November for the Wounded Warriors. According to he put his Heisman Trophy up for auction, and celebrity Kathie Lee Gifford is now the owner... for the next year. 

It was reported that she had spent $100,000 to win the trophy... IDK about you but if im paying that kind of cash im wanting the trophy for LIFE! 

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2018’s Happiest States In The US... Florida Does Not Rank Well.

Wallet Hub just released its annual list of the happiest states in America.  They look at a bunch of different factors, like mental health stats, how much sleep people get, how safe each state is. Plus how many hours people work.


North Dakota, Idaho, and Maryland broke into the top ten this year. Wisconsin, New Jersey, and New Hampshire fell out of the top ten, And for some reason, New Hampshire dropped from 10th all the way into 24th place.


The ten happiest states in 2018 are Hawaii . . . Utah . . . Minnesota . . . North Dakota . . . California . . . Idaho . . . Maryland . . . Iowa . . . South Dakota . . . and Nebraska.

The ten LEAST happy states are basically the same as last year. West Virginia tops the list again, followed by Arkansas . . . Louisiana . . . Alaska . . . Oklahoma . . . Alabama . . . Kentucky . . . Mississippi . . . Missouri . . . and New Mexico.


Vermont is the safest state. Utah has the lowest divorce rate, highest volunteer rate, AND shortest workdays. New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii are the least depressed. People in South Dakota get the most sleep. People in Colorado get the most exercise.

And North Dakota had the highest income growth AND lowest long-term unemployment over the past year. 

[Video] Marshmello Ran The Ninja Warrior Course... AND KILLED IT! 

You know Marshmello as a AMAZING DJ... But now we know him as a NINJA WARRIOR Champ! 

Marshmello posted videos to his Instagram account of him running the Ninja Warrior course in his helmet! 

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Kanye Said Kim Kardashian Is In Law School? 

I guess meeting the president really left its mark with Kim Kardashian... over the weekend Kanye said that she was enrolled in Law school, and taking it very seriously. Though there are may reports out there saying that a representative for the Kardashians is saying she is not in school, But why would Kanye say that then?  

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