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SZA Will Miss A Few Dates Of The Championship Tour, Due To Vocal Injury. 

Sad news for people going to see The Championship Tour in the next few days... SZA will be absent. Top Dawg took to Instagram to announce that she is dealing with her Vocal Cords swelling up. 

The Championship Lineup’s top three artist include Kendrick Lamar, SZA, and School Boy Q.

This is especially rough for us because their in Tampa tonight (may 22nd) and in West Palm Beach May 23... after that they head to Atlanta and Raleigh. 

Read more here

Netflix Announces New Crime Docuseries, “The Staircase”

Netflix dropped a new trailer for an upcoming show called “the Staircase” which will take a deep dive into Michael Peterson, who was charged and convicted of the murder of his wife Kathleen.

According to Rolling stone, Netflix's The Staircase will include the original 2004 series along with three new episodes. The 13-episode series of The Staircase will debut on the streaming service June 8th.

Woman Takes To Facebook With Her Publix Cake Fail.

Oh boy, I had a good laugh at this one… A woman that goes by, Cara Koscinaski was ordering a cake from the grocery store, Publix. The celebration was for her son who was graduating with a 4.79 GPA! 


In the order, Cara asked for the words on the cake to say “ Congrats Jacob! Summa Cum Laude Class of 2018”


Well, Publix saw the request and flagged one of those words as profanity… so when she got the cake it read, “Summa --- Laude Class of 2018”


Cara went on to explain that she had to explain the reason that Publix though that word was “bad” to her 18 year old son (who IMO should already know about that….) and her 70 year old mother. 

The story as of writing this is TAKING OFF with over 700 shares and almost 1K reactions. 

Read More Here

Camila Cabello Hospitalized After The Billboards, Won’t Open For Taylor Swift In Seattle 

Must have been a scary moment for Camila Cabello after the Billboards this weekend... she posted that she was taking to the hospital after the show because she was not feeling well. luckily, it was only dehydration, but sadly for fans out in Seattle they wont be seeing her, read below:

Brainstorm Or Green Needle? Which Do You Hear? 

This is getting out of hand.... another Video has been making the rounds and this time they are asking if you hear “brainstorm,” or “Green Needle.” hear it below! 

Now! try this... look at the word “brainstorm,” and press play you’ll hear it say that word... now try it again and look at “Green Needle”

Puma Will Releases “Sonic The Hedgehog” Shoes In June! 

Puma and Sega are teaming up to bring you the “RS-O Sonic” Shoe!

Looks like there will be a blue version that will be a nod to Sonic The Hedgehog and a red on that will be a nod to Sonic’s rival, Doctor Eggman! 

see what they will look like below, and the show will be available next month starting at $130. 

What do you think... are they fire? 

Free Downloads Of Charlie Puth’s New Album “Voicenotes” 

We have free downloads of Charlie Puth’s new album “Voicenotes”

Redeeming a digital copy of the album is easy.

1. Coppy one of the “codes below”

2. Clicking this link and fill out the information!










































Nominate A Dad For A Chance At $1,000

95.1 WAPE is looking for Jacksonville’s Top Dad, and the winner will win $1,000! 


1. Be an Awesome Dad!


If you know someone who fits this description, nominate them now for a chance to win the title of Jacksonville’s Top Dad!  

We will contact finalist to come to the station for a video submission. 

95.1 WAPE LIVE At The 2018 Billboard Music Awards. 

95.1 WAPE sent our favorite friends Kimmy B and Syke out to the Billboard Music Awards, and they got to sit down with a ton of Top 40 artists to talk about upcoming music, tributes who they would like to work with, and future collaborations. Watch them all below:

Cartoon Network is Planning A New “Thunder Cats,” And Twitter is PISSED 

Cartoon Network just announced that they are going to bring back “thunder cats...” kinda. the Seires is going to be called “Thunder Cats Roar,” and Twitter users are PISSED:

New Music Friday: Songs From Demi Lovato, Post Malone, Camila Cabello & Drake! 

Its new music friday! there are a bunch of new songs we want to highlight. Clean Bandit is back this time teaming up with Demi Lovato. Post Malone is riding his hot streak and dropped a song called Jackie Chan with Dj Tiesto. Camila Cabello and Pharrell Williams teamed up for their new one Sangria, and Lil Baby brought on Drake for a new one called Yes Indeed.

MTV Puts A Hold On Production For “Catfish”

MTV Puts A Hold On Production For “Catfish” Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations. 



According to The Daily Beast MTV has halted the production of “Catfish: The TV Show.” This is so they can investigate the allegations of sexual misconduct involving the host, Nev Schulman. 


The woman with these accusations is Ayissha Morgan, who was on the show before. She posted two YouTube video’s worth of claim against Nev. Watch them below: Warning NSFW language. 


Read more by The Daily Beast here: 

Bottled Sangria With 13.9% Alcohol Content Is Being Called The “New Four Loko”

This Bottled Sangria with 13.9% Alcohol Content is being called the “New Four Loko”


There is a “new-ish” drink out there called “Capriccio Bubbly Sangria” and a TON of twitter users have taken the opportunity to share what it is like to get drunk on this drink: 

The scary part.... ITS CHEAP!!! you can get a 4 pack for $9.99 at Total Wine right now... I’ll be drinking one this weekend, follow me on Twitter (@JustinCOnTheAir) for my review. 

Guy Ask’s Girl To Prom On Fortnite Via The Best Promposal I’ve Ever Seen! 

For those that play the game... you know how hard this was! This guy asked a girl “Rose” to prom on Fortnite!

I can’t tell if she is crying, or laughing at the end but i’m guessing she said YES... So I gotta ask, would you have said yes? 

Do You Hear Yanny Or Laurel, Listen To The Clip That Is Freaking The Internet Out.

Another day, another internet debate! This ones a lot like “The Dress,” remember how people could not pick if it was White and Gold, or the other wrong option... lol

This one is messing with you’re ears! Twitter user Cloe Feldman posted a video that asks “What Do You Hear.” The two options are “Yanny” or “Laurel”

Hear it now:

First... that’s the creepiest voice I’ve heard... and second I think i hear Yanny.... What do you hear? Vote now:

Kanye Revealed The Track List For His Collaboration With Kid Cudi. 

Kanye has been very active on Twitter recently... and this time its to hype up fans of his music... he revealed the track list of his songs on the Collab with Kid Cudi that they are calling “Kids See Ghosts.” 

Honestly... if it sounds anything like what he is doing in the video... i’m worried. 

Farrah Abraham Has A Wardrobe Malfunction At Canes Film Fest. 

The Teen mom OG was out and about for the 2018 Cannes Film Festival over the weekend, and she showed off a little more than she was hoping too.


She even joked about it posting to Twitter and Instagram saying “#Cannes has it’s Farrah-Share of fashion” 


See the photo she is referencing here: 

Farrah and her daughter have been traveling a bunch this past week. 

This Weekend Had Two Funny Gender Reveal Fails, Laugh With Us! 

There’s something about gender reveal fails that just make me happy... that probably makes me a horrible person, but you clicked on the link so you’re bad too! 

Here they are, weirdly enough its two baseball fails! 

 “Encounter Of A Lifetime” Huge Whale Swims Circles Around Boat Off California. 

Talk about a cool moment for the people on the boat! Although, i’d be FREAKING out if I was on that boat!

[Video] Kid Pulls His Pants Down And Pee’s, While His Dad Proposes

Its supposed to be the happiest moment ever! Two people making their love for one another known to the whole world, in the form of an engagement ring! Though this one did not go as planned! 

You know the guy talked it over with the camera girl, because… well she is filming! And everything was going great until… the young one had to steal the show:

The video already has over 57,776 views on Youtube... this kid will NEVER HEAR THE END OF THIS! 

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