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A Reporter Claimed “Dogs Are Parasites,” And Everyone On The Internet Hates Him Now. 



Chris Reed is a reporter for the "San Diego Union-Tribune" newspaper. And he had a column published on Wednesday with the headline, "America: Dogs are parasites, not man's best friend."


Basically his argument comes from an article in "The Atlantic" in 1999, where a scientist laid out a case that dogs don't REALLY love us . . . they just figured out that if they make us THINK they do, we'll give them lots and lots of food.


 Well, after the article was published, the consensus online was . . . he's an idiot, that scientist is an idiot, anyone who believes them is an idiot, my dog loves me deeply and sincerely, and you can all go to hell.



The "Union-Tribune" tweet about this column has 4,800 replies, almost all of which are angry.



Some Local Places With Cheep Tattoos On Friday 13th! 

Friday the 13th is a BIG tattoo day. So we checked all over social media to see what local places are giving out cheaper Tat’s this friday! 

Watch: Ed Sheeran And Anne-Marie Drop New Song “2002”

Ed Sheeran and Anne-Marie teamed to give us some HARDCORE Throwback vibes! Hare it now:

Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite Season 5! 

Fortnite season 5 is HERE! 

Here is everything you need to know, or you can listen to our podcast! “The Noobie Brothers” (tap here) or listen below:


2. There is a HUGE waterfall, and Viking ship by Snobby Shores

3. Dusty Divot looks like a Jungle

4. Anarchy Achers is now a pool, they call its “lazy Links”??

5. There is something in Loot Lake but i cant tell what it is... YET. 

One of the challenges is to find the “Star/metal” from the treasure map at Risky Reels (if you like cheating its on the tunnel by Tomato Town below.)

You also have to find these floating lightning bolts... which is a little hard unless you have some help:

Florida was ranked 19th, of best states with “outdoor drinking,” and I’m shook. 

Yepp, they ranked us 19th! like WHAT?!?!?! released a list counting down the best states with outdoor drinking... and Florida got 19th (which is not OK.)

Here’s the important ones... 

According to them #1 is California, and #2 is Hawaii, both i can get behind. Then, we should be #3, but we are not. States like Wyoming, Kentucky, and Idaho beat us.

Where do you think we should have ranked?

See the full list here 

[Rumor] Tim Tebow Might Be Dating Miss Universe 2017! 

Tim Tebow is a very popular guy here in Florida, for obvious reasons! So we feel its only right to keep you up to date with who he is/might be... dating. 

According to the NYPost: “The Mets prospect has seemingly rebounded with Miss Universe 2017, South Africa native Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters...

Though the pair have yet to go public on social media — though they follow each other on Instagram — it appears Tebow’s siblings have taken the reins. Both Katie and Robby Tebow shared snaps of the new couple on Instagram”

Read more here

[Video] Man Shows “Foolproof” Way To Tell If There Are Sharks In The Water. 

A man is going “viral” on Facebook for his beach video. In the video, he claims to have a “foolproof” way to tell if there are sharks in the water. All you need is a spoon! 

I did not want to ruin the surprise for you, but obviously this is a well thought out joke... but hes not wrong. He had me the whole way, i thought i was about to learn something. 

p.s its kinda nasty that he took a spoon full of ocean. 

7-Eleven’s Free Slurpee Day Is Almost HERE! 

Yepp! 7-Eeven day is coming (7-11-18) according to their press release: 

“Participating U.S. stores will give away an estimated 9 million free small Slurpee drinks from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time, Wednesday, July 11 (7/11), while supplies last. The featured Slurpee flavor is Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries®, recreated as a delicious frozen treat from one of America’s most beloved cereal brands.”

For 7Rewards® members, great deals continue the entire birthday week, with a new one each day:

July 12: FREE 7-Select Pure™ water with purchase of a BODYARMOR sports drink

July 13: FREE Big Gulp® fountain drink with purchase of a share-size Snickers candy bar

July 14: FREE 7-Select® popcorn with purchase of a 20-ounce Smartwater

July 15: FREE single-size Reese’s candy with purchase of a share-size bag of 7-Select® Gummies

July 16: FREE 20-ounce Coca-Cola with purchase of any flavor Cheez-It baked snack crackers

July 17: FREE single-serve bag of 7-Select® chips with purchase of any fresh sandwich

July 18: FREE single-serve 7-Select® tortilla chips with purchase of any 7-Select® nuts

See the whole story here

There Is A Good Chance Twenty One Pilots Are Releasing New Music Soon! 

Last year (July of 2017), Twenty One Pilots stopped posting or even engaging with listeners on their social and website! 

On July 6th 2017 Twenty One Pilots officially went silent. Then, July 9th, THEY CAME BACK WITH THE TWEET BELOW:

What does it mean... we’re not sure, but if I had to guess, I’m going with new music! Everyone is sure giving their guesses too.

They even made billboards! From Toronto to London the very simplistic billboards appeared in major cities across the world.

THESE ARE ALL OVER CENTRAL LONDON??? W HA T— ash (@slowdisappear) July 9, 2018 

All i know is that their fans are FREAKING OUT! 

Costco No Longer Sells The Polish Hot Dogs. 

Costco made the announcement the other day that they are going to be adding “healthier” options to their food stand. this resulted in them deciding to replace the “Polish Hot Dog” with an Acai Bowl... and there were just a few upset people on twitter:

Read more here Read more here 

Podcast: Halo’s getting a TV Show and Google is making a gaming console! 

      On the very first episode of The Noobie Brothers Podcast, Justin and Tank  introduce themselves and talk a little about their gaming history, and how they got into video games. 
      Then, they talk some big game news, Halo is getting a TV show with Showtime:

According to,  Showtime announced that it has ordered a 10-episode live-action season that will bring the huge video game series to TV screens

  • production isn't set to start on the show until early 2019 – meaning it won't land on Showtime in the US until late 2019 at the very earliest, and we're more likely looking at 2020.
  • The last bit of the episode is spent talking about the Rumor that google is getting a console. Google met with developers at E3 in Los Angeles a few weeks back for the same reason. Google met with high-end game developers at the Game Developers Conference back in March to discuss the idea of a video game-based streaming service, which is code named “Yeti. Some writers are claiming that It would be a streaming platform.
  • Jumbo Shrimp Announcer Delivers Play-By-Play Of Baseball Destroying Laptop. 

    Jumbo Shrimp games are great! Really all baseball games are awesome, but you do have to watch out for those foul balls... them come at you fast. This does not exclude Jumbo Shrimp announcer Roger Hoover. Roger is a true professional and made sure to still call the play while a baseball destryed his laptop.

    Hear it for yourself. 

    New Songs From Justin Timberlake, Niall Horan and Meek Mill! 

    This friday, we have three songs to highlight in our new music friday! Firs, Justin Timberlake took a step back towards his “Happy” sound with “SoulMate.” Niall Horan is back on this like with his song Finally Free, which is from the animated movie “Small Foot” soundtrack. The last song is from rapper Meek Mill! he features Jeremih and Pnb Rock for his song “Dangerous.”

    [Video] Penguins Melt Hearts When They Walk Hand In Hand On The Beach

    A few days ago, Twitter user @FreakingDani took to Twitter to share the most heartwarming video of two penguins who were walking hand and hand...

    She captioned the tweet with: “my aunt just came back from South Africa and she sent me this video she took of this lil penguin couple”


    Kylie Shows Stormi’s Shoe Collection & Air Conditioned Dog House 

    KYLIE JENNER showed off part of her daughter Stormi's shoe collection on Snapchat, and it's MASSIVE. According to Britain's "Daily Mail" tabloid, it's worth $22,000 . . . including a $1,000 pair by Giuseppe Zanotti.





    In the video, Kylie says, quote, "Stormi can finally fit into some of her sneakers . . . Her dad gave her a bunch of vintage shoes. So, I'm about to see if she likes shoes. Too cute." Read more here

    if the thought this story stopped her, you are wrong! Kylie also showed off her new Dog House... which looks like its the size of a real house.

    in the video she talks about how it will have air conditioning, and heat for the winter months. 

    The Internet Is PISSED At A Woman Who Posed With A Giraffe She Shot. 

    Photos of an hunter that posed with a “rare” Giraffe that she allegedly killed during a hunt in South Africa has people on the internet very upset. 

    According to the woman went on Fox and defended herself saying: “The giraffe I hunted was the South African sub-species of giraffe. The numbers of this sub-species is actually increasing due, in part, to hunters and conservation efforts paid for in large part by big game hunting. The breed is not rare in any way other than it was very old. Giraffes get darker with age.”

    Read more here

    Jersey Shore Star Deena Is Pregnant With Baby Boy. 

    Meatball number two is having a baby! Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese announced on Instagram that she is expecting a baby boy in the near future! 

    New Music Friday Songs From Drake, OneRepublic and Florence + The Machine. 

    New music Friday! This one is being overshadowed by Drake because he dropped an album, called Scorpion. One really cool feature he has is a never before released Michael Jackson song. Its Called “Don’t Matter To Me.” A  band has also released an Album. Fans are pumped that Florence + The Machine are back, with the song “Patricia.”  OneRepublic has a song out that they are calling “Connection.” The last song we are highlighting this friday is from pop star, Charli XCX, She released “Focus.” 

    Drake’s songs are pretty hard to find on Youtube, and for the most part you’ll have to pay... so here is a clip from Spotify of Drake ft. Michael Jackson - Don’t Matter To Me

    There Is A Kickstarter for “Swoveralls,” Sweatpants and Overalls Combined. 

    There is a Kickstarter out there for “Swoveralls” a combination of Sweatpants and Overalls. 

    Their Kickstarter goal WAS $10,000 they are close to 70K as of 6/29. On their page they explain that you can grab one in almost any color you need to check them out... and then the question is, are you getting one? 

    Video Game “Halo” Getting A TV Show With Showtime! 

    As someone that played this game a TON growing up, this show is gonna be awesome!

    According to an article by hollywoodreporter, the show had been sitting around as an idea for about 4 years, but Showtime has finally given it the green light! 

    “Kyle Killen (Awake) set to serve as exec producer, writer and showrunner. Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) will direct multiple episodes of the series and serve as an exec producer.” 

    The real question, who is going to play Master Chief? 

    Read more here! 

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