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Chris Martin Sings About Leo DiCaprio’s Cargo Shorts

Chris Martin from Cold Play went to Leonardo DiCaprio’s 20th anniversary gala fundraiser and he decided to roast him with a song about Leo’s love for Cargo shorts. Chris said quote, “I studied him very closely for about five or six years and what became clear to me was his unbelievable service, his commitment to the business of cargo shorts.” Watch here

Julie Chen’s Emotional Announcement About Leaving “The Talk”

Julie Chen officially made the decision to leave “The Talk.” She didn’t actually go on the show to make the announcement she just made a video and they played it. She says she needs to spend more time with her husband and son following the allegations of sexual misconduct of her husband Les Moonves. She will be staying as the host of “Big Brother” though. Watch the emotional goodbye video here 

Alec Baldwin Confirms Justin Bieber & Haley Baldwin “Went Off And Got Married” 

Alec Baldwin was being interviewed on the red carpet before the Emmys Monday and he was asked about Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. He admitted that the two of them quote, “went off and got married.” Watch the interview here

We’re All Saying Chrissy Teigen & Ariana Grande’s Names Wrong 

Ever since the news came out about people pronouncing Ariana Grande’s name wrong ( apparently it’s pronounced Grandee) Chrissy Teigen admitted we’re also saying hers wrong. She said quote, “Gave up a long time ago. last name is tie-gen not tee-gen.” On the Emmy red carpet last night she admitted she’s just going to keep what everyone thinks it is to make it easier. What other people’s names are we screwing up I wonder? More details here

Betty White Honored At Emmys


An Emmy Proposal 

Ariana Grande’s Mac Miller Tribute 

Ariana Grande posted an old video on Instagram of Mac Miller and wrote a long post about how sad she is that he’s gone. She wrote quote, “you were my dearest friend. for so long. above anything else. i’m so sorry i couldn’t fix or take your pain away. i really wanted to. the kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved. i hope you’re okay now. Rest.” See the post here

Mariah Carey’s New Breakup Anthem 

Cast For The 27th Season Of “Dancing With The Stars” 

The cast for the 27th season of “Dancing With The Stars” was announced on “Good Morning America” yesterday! A few of the stars you may recognize are; comedian Nikki Glaser, Grocery Store Joe from “The Bachelorette,” Nancy McKeon from “The Facts Of Life,” Bobby Bones and John Schneider from “The Dukes Of Hazzard.” Check out the whole list here

Justin Bieber’s Manager Was Worried Justin “Was Going To Die”

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun was talking about how Justin was going through a rough time a while back and he was legitimately worried for him. He said in a podcast quote, “ I thought he was going to die. I thought he was going to sleep one night and that he would have so much crap in his system that he would not wake up the next morning.” Read more here

Mel B Hooked Up With Zac Efron? 

According to the British Tabloid “The Sun” Mel B and Zac Efron hooked up last year after she went through a divorce with her Ex-husband. A source said quote, “It wasn’t exactly a meeting of minds. Neither saw it as long-term, but there was chemistry there. Mel thought Zac had an amazing body.” More details here

Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Back Together? 

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were spotted together in New York! According to Page Six, a spy saw Justin walk in a hotel alone and then leave together. The source said quote, “It was like they were together and trying to look like they weren’t.” They dated for about two years before she got with her ex-husband. More details here



Heidi Klum Blew Off Drake

A while back Heidi Klum went on Ellen and admitted she had a crush on Drake, so apparently he tried to reach out. Ellen asked her about it and she said that he texted her but he was too late, she already met the love of her life so she didn’t respond. Watch it here

Julie Chen Skips “The Talk” After Her Husband Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

 Julie Chen’s husband Les Moonves just left CBS because he was accused of sexual misconduct from multiple women. “The Talk” came back yesterday and of course, Julie wasn’t there but the other ladies did end up talking about the situation. They all had things to say but you could tell how upset they were and how bad they feel for Julie. Sharon Osbourne said quote, “ The pattern is so similar that, for me, he's not been convicted of any crime, but obviously the man has a problem." Watch the video here

Serena Williams Loses U.S. Open, Calls Umpire A Thief 

Serena Williams lost the U.S. Open to Naomi Osaka on Saturday and she was not happy about it. Mostly because she was battling with the umpire Carlos Ramos the entire time. She got three code violations, the last one being for “verbal abuse” which she was docked an entire GAME. Serena lost it on him calling him a “theif” and demanding an apology because she’s not a cheater. When the match was over the winner, Naomi started crying because everyone was boo’ing. Serena eventually told everyone to STOP boo’ing because she played well. Watch the video here

Cardi B Goes After Nicki Minaj At NYFW

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a blow out fight at a New York Fashion Week party. According to sources, Cardi approached Nicki’s table to quote, “address the lies Nicki was spreading” and it escalated from there. Cardi absolutely lost it, trying to charge at Nicki while security guards were holding her back. She even took her shoe off and threw it across the room at her. After she was escorted out you could see a huge knot on her forehead which was apparently from one of the bodyguards. More details here

Kevin Hart Gets Fans Pumped For Football 

Football season started last night the Atlanta Falcons VS. Philadelphia Eagles and Kevin Hart is a huge Eagles fans. He voiced a bit about the Eagles and made fun of himself for trying to storm the stage after they won the Superbowl last year. Watch it here

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