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Posted: October 04, 2017

#NationalTacoDay - Top 10 Places for Tacos In Jacksonville! 

Houston police say a woman shot her boyfriend over a cold taco.
Cindy Ord/Getty Images
Houston police say a woman shot her boyfriend over a cold taco.

By Cousart Justin


Today is National Taco Day!

With that we bring you the “Top 10 Taco Places In Jacksonville!”

This list was provided by Yelp... so take it up with them if you’re not happy with the results!

  1. Si Senor Fresh Mex (4.5 stars 391 reviews)
    1. 3546 St Johns Bluff RD

Read Erin P.'s review of Si Senor Fresh Mex on Yelp

2. Mi Veracruz Restaurant (4.5 stars 60 reviews)

     a. 3109 Spring park Rd

Read Cheri W.'s review of Mi Veracruz Restaurant on Yelp

3. Margaritas Mexican Grill (4 Stars 175 reviews)

   a. 9825 San Jose Blvd

Read Jessica P.'s review of Margaritas Mexican Grill on Yelp

4. Chuy’s (4 Stars 70 Reviews)

    a. 4914 Town Center Pkwy

Read Juliet H.'s review of Chuy's on Yelp

5. The Mossfire Grill (4 Stars 196 Reviews)

    a. 1537 Margared St.

Read Juleana P.'s review of The Mossfire Grill on Yelp

6. Mi Rancho GTO ( 5 Stars 6 Reviews)

   a. 11380 Beach Blvd

Read Tammy H.'s review of Mi Rancho GTO on Yelp

7. Fresh-Mex & Co Urban Grill & Cantina ( 3.5 Stars 19 Reviews)

   a. 7111 Bonneval Rd

Read Daniel H.'s review of Fresh-mex & Co Urban Grill & Cantina on Yelp

8. Los Loros Mexican Resturant (4 Stars 106 Reviews)

    a. 5210 Baymeadows RD

Read Kerrianne B.'s review of Los Loros Mexican Restaurant on Yelp

9. Taco Libre (4.5 Stars 108 Reviews)

   a. 14286 Beach Blvd

Read Hunter F.'s review of Taco Libre on Yelp

10. La Nopalera San Marco (3.5 Stars 109 Reviews)

   a. 1434 Hendricks Ave

Read Dana S.'s review of La Nopalera San Marco on Yelp

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