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The Drug Demi Lovato Allegedly Took Which Resulted In Overdose

There is some new info regarding Demi Lovato’s recent drug overdose. According to TMZ, a drug dealer came over to her house and gave her quote, “2 freebased Oxycodone that appeared to be laced with fentanyl.” TMZ also says this drug dealer has a reputation for buying bad drugs from Mexico. Fentanyl is reportedly the same drug that killed Prince and Lil Peep. Read more details here

Lady Gaga On Being Judged For Her Looks In Hollywood

Lady Gaga is opening up about how her character in “A Star Is Born” is very close to what she’s experienced in real life. She talked about the struggles of being judged on how she looks while trying to make it as an artist. In an interview with EW she said quote, “I was not the prettiest girl in the room. I was a little weird, and I liked being weird. I didn’t like to be sexual in a way that other pop stars or pop groups were. I was my own thing. It’s heartbreaking because you feel like, ‘Why am I not enough?’” Read more here

Kanye West Raps About Sleeping With His Sisters-In-law

Not that this is surprising but Kanye West put out a new song called “XCTY” where he raps about wanting to have sex with his sisters-in-law. The line goes quote, “You got sick thoughts?  I got more of ’em.  You got a sister-in-law you would smash?  I got four of them.” Listen here

Restaurant Switched From Crinkle-Cut, To Straight Fries And People Are Mad

Jim and Leslie Parsons own a little fast food joint called Bolley's Famous Franks in Waterville, Maine. They've been around since 1962.


 They bought it about a year ago, and they just made a big change: They switched from crinkle-cut to straight fries. Their new fries are about the same size as the ones at McDonald's.


 They said they did it because the machine that does the crinkle cutting keeps breaking down and the blades are really expensive. So they had to make the change.


But their customers are FURIOUS. Or, as they put it, quote, "disturbing and hostile."


 They've had people yelling at them. They've had people swearing at them. And Jim even had one guy try to FIGHT him.



So now, the Parsons are asking for people just to be peaceful . . . but they aren't planning to switch back to crinkle-cut. 

 Read More Here

Justin Bieber Has A New Sister! 

Yes, that’s right! Justin Bieber took to Instagram to show how excited he was to have another baby sister!

Read more here

[Pod] Streamer Ninja Wont Play With Women Out Of Respect For His Wife. 

Video game Streamer Ninja has come under some fire after comments he made during one of his live streams.

Ninja has more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube, 10 million on Twitch, and over 3 million followers on Twitter.

In the stream, he said that he does not stream with Women, because he does not want to deal with the comments, and rumors people would have. By that he meant people starting rumors about him and his wife.  

Here is his Twitter response:

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