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Offest Arrested When Cops Found Guns In His Car

Offset from Migos got arrested in Georgia over the weekend after cops found three guns in his car. According to TMZ, cops pulled him over for an improper lane change and they found three guns and a small amount of marijuana. He was bailed out and now he’s home with his wife Cardi B and new baby Kulture. More details here

A “Cats” Movie Is Coming Ft. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson & More!

They are making the musical “Cats,” into a movie and the cast is pretty awesome.

Taylor Swift, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson will be staring in the movie.

They will reportedly start filming in Britain later this year and a release date hasn’t been announced yet. Read more details here

Roseanne Loses It In New YouTube Video

Roseanne is still talking about the tweet that got her show cancelled and now she’s trying to defend herself in a new YouTube video. She’s being interviewed and trying to explain why she tweeted that inappropriate tweet and she just explodes on this guy. Check it out->

A Reporter Claimed “Dogs Are Parasites,” And Everyone On The Internet Hates Him Now. 



Chris Reed is a reporter for the "San Diego Union-Tribune" newspaper. And he had a column published on Wednesday with the headline, "America: Dogs are parasites, not man's best friend."


Basically his argument comes from an article in "The Atlantic" in 1999, where a scientist laid out a case that dogs don't REALLY love us . . . they just figured out that if they make us THINK they do, we'll give them lots and lots of food.


 Well, after the article was published, the consensus online was . . . he's an idiot, that scientist is an idiot, anyone who believes them is an idiot, my dog loves me deeply and sincerely, and you can all go to hell.



The "Union-Tribune" tweet about this column has 4,800 replies, almost all of which are angry.



Some Local Places With Cheep Tattoos On Friday 13th! 

Friday the 13th is a BIG tattoo day. So we checked all over social media to see what local places are giving out cheaper Tat’s this friday! 

Watch: Ed Sheeran And Anne-Marie Drop New Song “2002”

Ed Sheeran and Anne-Marie teamed to give us some HARDCORE Throwback vibes! Hare it now:

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