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Chris Martin Sings About Leo DiCaprio’s Cargo Shorts

Chris Martin from Cold Play went to Leonardo DiCaprio’s 20th anniversary gala fundraiser and he decided to roast him with a song about Leo’s love for Cargo shorts. Chris said quote, “I studied him very closely for about five or six years and what became clear to me was his unbelievable service, his commitment to the business of cargo shorts.” Watch here

Julie Chen’s Emotional Announcement About Leaving “The Talk”

Julie Chen officially made the decision to leave “The Talk.” She didn’t actually go on the show to make the announcement she just made a video and they played it. She says she needs to spend more time with her husband and son following the allegations of sexual misconduct of her husband Les Moonves. She will be staying as the host of “Big Brother” though. Watch the emotional goodbye video here 

Alec Baldwin Confirms Justin Bieber & Haley Baldwin “Went Off And Got Married” 

Alec Baldwin was being interviewed on the red carpet before the Emmys Monday and he was asked about Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. He admitted that the two of them quote, “went off and got married.” Watch the interview here

Cardi B & Travis Scott Rumored To Perform During The Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

This week it was announced that Maroon 5 would perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show this year in Atlanta. A lot of Hip Hop Fans were upset that there was not a Hip Hop artist performing this year since its in the ATL... To follow those complaints up, there are rumors floating around that Cardi B and Travis Scott will be joining Maroon 5 on Super Bowl Sunday... It has been met with mixed reviews. 

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Students Are Protesting Classroom Speeches Because It makes Them Anxious

Teenagers all over the country are joining a movement to protest against having to stand up in front of their class to give a presentation. Why? Because public speaking can make them too ANXIOUS.


The protest started when a 15-year-old high school student posted a tweet (below) earlier this month


 Her tweet got a ton of comments and retweets... some of which are supporting what she's saying.


Should schools cut out mandatory public speaking because it's bad for some kids' mental health? Maybe it's not a question of right or wrong.


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Space Jam 2 Is 100% Happening. 

It’s confirmed! Lebron James is planning a Space Jam 2, and he has brought on Ryan Coogler to Produce it,  According to!

For those asking Ryan Coogler is also the guy who was behind Black Panter, But i’m only concerned with knowing if Bill Murray will come back!

Fans of the show did get a little taste when Pistons player Blake Griffen had a Space Jam esque commercial: 

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