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Celebrities Who Lost Their Homes In The California Fires 

The California fires are still going and several people had to evacuate and even lost their homes. A few of the celebrities who lost their homes include Gerard Butler, Robin Thicke, Camille Grammer, and Fred Durst. Several of the Kardashians had to evacuate and even The Bachelor Mansion was damaged. See Gerard Butler’s video here

Tom Cruise Will Actually Fly Jets In “Top Gun 2?”

According to sources, Top Gun 2 is on hold because Tom Cruise wants to learn how to fly a fighter jet for his scenes. Movie Web says quote, “

"He won't film all the flight sequences, it's too dangerous, but he will fly some, making him the first actor in cinema history to do so.” Tom is known for wanting to do his own stunts in the movies he’s in so this is no different. Read more here

Top 10 Reasons Your Phone Is Cracked. 

A recent survey found 12% of us are currently walking around using a phone with a cracked screen. About 1,000 people were asked HOW they cracked their phone.  


According to the survey, here are the ten ways you're most likely to crack yours . . .


1. General use. Meaning you have it a while, and drop it enough times that it eventually breaks.


2. Dropping it after you've been out drinking.


3. Dropping it in the toilet, and it cracks when it hits the porcelain.


4. Sitting down and forgetting it's in your back pocket.


5. Your child dropping it or throwing it on the floor.


6. Dropping it while trying to text one-handed.


7. Tossing it on your bed or sofa, then it bounces off and hits the floor.


8. Dropping it while you're exercising.


9. Throwing it out of anger.


10. Tossing it to someone, and they don't catch it. 


 Dropping it while taking a selfie just missed the top ten in 11th place. - EMBARRASSING! 

Read more

Can We Talk About The New “Spork” Man In The Toy Story 4 Trailer?

If you did not know Toy Story 4 is coming in June 2019 -- Full Story Here

I’d rather talk about the new character they are trying to introduce with the first “teaser” trailer, An arts and crafts “Plastic Fork Man.” First, if you have not watched the trailer... do that (Below)

Notice Mr. Plastic spork? With his bendy wire arms... googly eyes, and is that a piece of pull and peel Twizzlers on his head? From the little we hear from him, it sounds like he is going through a “I’m Not A Toy” Crisis... which is kind of what Buzz went through in movie one... so maybe there will be a call back to that. 

I have a feeling this character can ether make, or break the movie for everyone. He made me laugh in the little clip that we saw, so I’m thinking he’s going to steal the show... what do you think, about plastic fork man? 

There are already a TON o theories about how the spork came alive:

Jaden Smith Says Tyler The Creator is his Boyfriend, Now I’m Confused 

Not sure why he would lie about this so i guess it has to be real right? Jaden Smith says that Tyler The Creator is his “boyfriend.” Although, Tyler seems to be not crazy about it... Before you ask, YES, Jaden Smith is Will Smith’s son (as you can see in the photo above). See the situation below:

Jaden was performing the other day, and said this on stage:

What’s weird is he calls him his best friend first, then his BF... Ether way, the convo then took to Twitter:

Does not seem like Tyler is to crazy about him saying anything... guess we will just have to wait till the story develops more!

Read more from Hollywood life here:

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