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Posted: June 26, 2011

Beth: Weekends


None —

Jacksonville, FL – I’ve been listening to the Big Ape since I was like 10!

June 26, 1986

Favorite Food: I love food! Like a good fettuccini alfredo (email me suggestions!) but I try not to eat that a lot, love Taco Lu, Angies, hibachi, seafood, I could go on and on..

Favorite Drink: I’m a beer girl.. coors light and mich ultra!

Off Air Life: I LOVE the beach and love being tan (GTL, baby!), I like doing things outdoors like beach cruising and working out, I’m obsessed with Zumba, and I love a good Sunday Funday! 

Career:  I graduated from UNF in 2008 and find it hard to move away from my amazing hometown of Jacksonville.. I mean after all.. there’s a beach 10 minutes away and it doesn’t snow, ever.. well except once when I was 4.. and I saw a flurry in 2010 around Christmas..

One Thing About Me Most People Don't Know:  That I've worked at The Cheesecake Factory for 6 years.. and that I’m left handed.. seriously, I will know people for YEARS and one day they’ll randomly just shout out OMG you’re left handed!!? Oh and I’m 5’11..

Unhealthy Obsessions: My dog Scooby (he’s a cockapoo), fettuccini alfredo, Zumba, celebrity gossip, Jersey Shore, I just got an iphone (probably the last person on earth) and I’m addicted to Facebook, and words with friends 

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