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Posted: January 05, 2018

Rally cry for Jags fans: Get in early, get LOUD

Stephanie Brown


By Stephanie Brown

Jacksonville, FL —

Jacksonville Jaguars fans braved the cold Friday evening to come out in support of their home team- in the playoffs this weekend for the first time in ten years, which is the first home playoff game since the 1999 season.

“It’s exciting that we’re winning again. It’s been a long, painful process to get back to where we once were, so it’s great,” says Julie Krovicka.

She has been a Jags fan since day one, along with Doug Krovicka.

“We remember what it used to be like when we won so much and this place was packed and you had to have a ticket every Sunday, and if you didn’t, you felt left out. I feel that’s what Shad’s [Khan] got us back to, so it’s exciting,” he says.

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They’re just a few of the long-time Jags fans who didn’t expect much from this season, but continued to cheer for the team regardless. And now, they feel not only like they’re being rewarded, but the City is as well.

“It’s great, it gives you a really good feeling that they’re being loyal. All the people that cut us down as a city with an NFL team, I think they’re seeing what we’re really made of,” says Thomas Skinner, who’s another day one fan.

He credits Jags Head Coach Doug Marrone for the turnaround. Others say players are coming with an intensity that hasn’t been seen in many seasons, and that’s what’s building wins and success.

“I didn’t know what to expect at the start of the season, because last season we were hoping for the change, and then it didn’t come and it didn’t come, and then the end of the season came and what a huge let down. So yes, I was hoping for it, but did I expect it, no,” says Margie Johnson, who’s rooted for the team ever since moving to Jacksonville in 1997.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry led a rally for fans Friday, including several rounds of DUUUVVAAALL chants. He and Jags owner Shad Khan had the same clear message- they’re calling on fans to get in to the stadium early on Sunday, and to be loud, in an effort to give the Jags every advantage of this home playoff game.

About 70,000 fans are expected to be there when the Jags kickoff against the Bills. JSO wants you to be at the gates by 11AM to get in and seated for the 1:05PM kickoff.

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