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Florida’s Most Popular T-day Dish Is Green Bean Casserole

A website called The Kitchn analyzed Google searches from this month to figure out the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in every state. Here are some of the results . . .

1. The most popular is stuffing or dressing, depending on what they call it in your area. It was the top search in 13 states . . . and 14 if you count Texas, where the top search was a little more specific with "cornbread dressing."


2. "Salad" is number one in two states: Washington and Utah. But we don't know if that's a regular vegetable salad . . . or something like Jell-O salad.


Florida's top result is... Green Bean Casserole


3. And finally, there are three states doing REALLY nontraditional things. The top Thanksgiving search in Arizona is "ham" . . . in North Dakota, it's "punch" . . . and in Delaware, it's "keto brisket."

You’re Mean If You Do The “Dog Cheese Challenge,” But Send Us Video! 

There’s a new internet challenge out there called the “DOG CHEESE CHALLENGE” where you throw a slice of cheese on the back of your dog... then film your dog as he/she tries to get the cheese.  Watch some below:

SMH cat owners always trying to one up dog owners...

[Video] Cash Me Outside Girl Throws Drink At Iggy Azalea

Bhad Bhabie, aka Cash me outside girl, was hanging out at Cardi B’s Fashion Nova launch party when she bumped into Iggy Azalea, and things did not go over well (See below)

She then took to her Instagram live to take some more shots at Iggy:

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How Extra Are If You Own A Heated Mouse Pad? The Answer Is Very. 

Know someone that is “Extra” and always cold? then we have the Thanksgiving gift for you! Its called the “USB Heated Mouse Pad Mouse Hand Warmer with Wristguard.”

Here is all the info:

  • USB Warmer Mouse Pad with built-in warmer pad can help warm your freezing cold hand while you are at work.
  • The temperature of the mouse pad will go up to a suitable degree after it is connected to the computer, just plug it into the USB port, then you can warm your hand all the time.
  • Lovely design,beautiful and practical, suit for home and office desk.
  • Please note that the heater is separated from the mouse pad. You can choose to use or don't use the heater when using the warm mouse pad.
  • Dimensions: 28.5x22cm.

Here is the link to the Amazon site! 

Making a “Millennial” Monopoly Does Not Look Like A Smart Move. 

I present Hasbro's newest release . . . Monopoly for Millennials. 


It's basically just a collection of stereotypes, like: A game piece shaped like a hashtag . . . a rule where whoever has the most debt in real life goes first . . . and the slogan on the box says, quote, "Forget real estate. You can't afford it anyway."

According to the Walmart site some descriptions include:

  • CHOOSE COOL PLACES AND DESTINATIONS: Collect Experience points by visiting the hottest Destinations -- from your Friend's Couch, to the Vegan Bistro, to a Week-Long Meditation Retreat
  • IT'S ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE: In this version of the Monopoly game, the player who collects the most Experience -- not the most money -- wins the game

Lots of people were less than happy about this:


If you want to buy one, according to Walmart's site it will run you $19.82, and they are In stock at Jacksonville, 8808 Beach Blvd.

Read more here


People Are Losing It Over This Chick-Fil-A Hack. 

I wish i could give the correct credit to the person who figured this out, but its been posted everywhere now, so I cannot. 

Someone on the internet found out a chick-fil-a hack. You can eat your nuggets and hold your cup at the same time. 

No saying if this is what it was actually intended for, or if its just a coincidence. Ether way it works...

Lil Duval showed us:

Side note, Chick-Fil-A is also now delivering food... see that story here

It’s An Old Story, But I’m Still Amazed This Woman Had 20 Boyfriends. 

This story is from back in 2016, but i did not see it until just now... this woman in China had 20 boyfriends, and convinced them to buy her phones... according to the nypost she was able to sell them to buy a house...

Think about it, if you were able to get iPhone’s for like $800 and sell 20 of them, this is a great down payment on a house.

BBC confirmed the report saying: 

Xiaoli, a woman from the city of Shenzhen in southern China, asked each of her 20 current boyfriends to buy her a newly launched iPhone 7. She then sold all of the phones to a mobile phone recycling site called Hui Shou Bao for 120,000 Chinese yuan (about £14,500), and used the money to put down a deposit on a house in the countryside.

But how did she have the time to manage, and hang out with all 20 boyfriends... and the real question, are they still dating? 

Top 10 Reasons Your Phone Is Cracked. 

A recent survey found 12% of us are currently walking around using a phone with a cracked screen. About 1,000 people were asked HOW they cracked their phone.  


According to the survey, here are the ten ways you're most likely to crack yours . . .


1. General use. Meaning you have it a while, and drop it enough times that it eventually breaks.


2. Dropping it after you've been out drinking.


3. Dropping it in the toilet, and it cracks when it hits the porcelain.


4. Sitting down and forgetting it's in your back pocket.


5. Your child dropping it or throwing it on the floor.


6. Dropping it while trying to text one-handed.


7. Tossing it on your bed or sofa, then it bounces off and hits the floor.


8. Dropping it while you're exercising.


9. Throwing it out of anger.


10. Tossing it to someone, and they don't catch it. 


 Dropping it while taking a selfie just missed the top ten in 11th place. - EMBARRASSING! 

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Can We Talk About The New “Spork” Man In The Toy Story 4 Trailer?

If you did not know Toy Story 4 is coming in June 2019 -- Full Story Here

I’d rather talk about the new character they are trying to introduce with the first “teaser” trailer, An arts and crafts “Plastic Fork Man.” First, if you have not watched the trailer... do that (Below)

Notice Mr. Plastic spork? With his bendy wire arms... googly eyes, and is that a piece of pull and peel Twizzlers on his head? From the little we hear from him, it sounds like he is going through a “I’m Not A Toy” Crisis... which is kind of what Buzz went through in movie one... so maybe there will be a call back to that. 

I have a feeling this character can ether make, or break the movie for everyone. He made me laugh in the little clip that we saw, so I’m thinking he’s going to steal the show... what do you think, about plastic fork man? 

There are already a TON o theories about how the spork came alive:

Jaden Smith Says Tyler The Creator is his Boyfriend, Now I’m Confused 

Not sure why he would lie about this so i guess it has to be real right? Jaden Smith says that Tyler The Creator is his “boyfriend.” Although, Tyler seems to be not crazy about it... Before you ask, YES, Jaden Smith is Will Smith’s son (as you can see in the photo above). See the situation below:

Jaden was performing the other day, and said this on stage:

What’s weird is he calls him his best friend first, then his BF... Ether way, the convo then took to Twitter:

Does not seem like Tyler is to crazy about him saying anything... guess we will just have to wait till the story develops more!

Read more from Hollywood life here:

Pretty Legit Pre-Black Friday Video Game Deals Right Now! 

There are a ton of deals going around right now for “pre-black Friday” sales. Personally, I feel like it is a bit early, but there are people listening to xmas music already so its not surprising. 

Forbes has listed a legit deal for each console (Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch)


  • eBay - 1TB Xbox One X, NBA 2K19, and an Echo Dot ($500)
  • eBay - brand-new Nintendo Switch bundle that comes with a Neon Joy-Con controller and a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. ($335)
  • Forbes says this is a 27%, savings.
  • eBay - PlayStation 4 Slim (1TB of storage),  extra DualShock 4 wireless controller ($330.)
  • Forbes says this is a 25%, savings.
  • Parents... hide this from your kids, and kids... show this to your parents.


    Oreo/Gate 11.07.18

    Post Malone’s Crocs SOLD OUT... I Have No Words. 

    Post Malone dropped a collaboration with Crocs to make the “Post Malone x Crocs Dimitri Clog (Not pictured above).” the shoe was running at about $60 (according to I certainly thought only a few people would be interested in this “shoe,” but I was wrong... THEY SOLD OUT!

    Join Us December 6th! 

    Touch-A-Truck 11.03.18

    Man Asked Game Makers To Proposal In Game... Sadly They Broke Up

    A gamer known as TopNotch1210 asked the makers of the video game “Spiderman” to put his proposal in the video game... and they did!

     Here’s the finished product:

    Sadly.... this story does not have a happy ending. According to the two broke up before the game was released, so now its just awkward. 

    Hear our thoughts on the newest episode of the Noobie Brothers! 

    Man Recovering After being Shot By His Dog. 

    Talk about betrayal! Dog’s are supposed to be a mans best friend, not the reason they get shot! We’re just glad everyone is OK and going to recover.

    According to abqjournal  Sonny “Tex” Gilligan was shot by his own dog, when they were on their way to go hunting!

    “Charlie got his foot in the trigger of the gun and I leaned forward and he slipped off the seat and caught the trigger – and it shot,” Gilligan said. “It was a freak accident but it’s true; that’s what happened.” The shotgun – in the backseat of the pickup, along with Charlie – fired through Gilligan’s front driver’s seat. The shot went through Gilligan’s back, breaking a few ribs and shattering his collar bone, and caused other, severe injuries.

    “Tex” said said Charlie is still a good boy! 

    Read the full story here: 

    Photos: 10 Cute Animals In Halloween Costumes, Because We Can! 

    Its Halloween, and you love Animals... Obviously our you would not be here looking for the photos... ENJOY!

    Be sure to send your cute Halloween animals to me! - @JustinCOnTheAir 

    Apparently A TON Of People Believe in Ghosts... I’m Not On Of Them! 

    There are a LOT of haunted houses in this country. And I don't mean the haunted houses people go to this time of year with fog machines and people dressed up as werewolves or whatever. I mean ACTUAL haunted houses.


     According to a new survey, one out of three men and one out of five women say they've lived in a haunted house at some point in their lives. And the majority of them say they didn't know the place was haunted when they moved in.


    But . . . 15% of people would be cool with moving into a haunted house, if it meant it cost less than a non-haunted one.


    The survey also found the top three signs that make people think their house is haunted . . .

    1. Strange noises, 54%.


    2. Getting an odd feeling in certain rooms, 45%.


    3. And their pets start acting weird, 34%. 

    If you have a good Ghost story I’d love to hear it! Drop us an Open Mic on the Big Ape App, or Tweet me! @JustinCOnTheAir 

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