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Dayton, OH

Specific Date:

Police Department having a 4/20 Contest. 

The Wetumka Police Department decided that they should also celebrate 4/20! They decided to do that by having a contest to see who could bring them the most… POT.

The Evil side of me kind of hopes someone brought some to them… 

New Music Friday: Music From Ariana Grande, The Chainsmokers, Liam Payne & Khalid!

Happy new music Friday (4-20-18)!!!! Today we have some new songs from Ariana Grande, The Chainsmokers, Liam Payne and Khalid!  




We Need To Talk About How Pointless “Thank You” Notes Are.

As a kid my parents ALWAYS made me type, or write up “Thank You” notes to all my aunts, uncles and anyone else that gave me gifts… I HATED IT! 


But I understood it was about respect and letting the person that you appreciate their gesture in giving you the present.

But recently the need for “thank you” notes came into question with a woman tweeting that someone suggested giving the gift of no thank you notes. The reactions were mixed.

I know this is specifically for new moms, but personally I would LOVE the idea of not having to type up something like:

Dear Uncle Jeff,

Thank you for the _____, I cant wait to use it later this week.

  • Love Justin

Do you think “thank you” notes are necessary? 

The Jaguars Announce Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock & Jason Aldean Concert Labor day Weekend. 

Thursday morning (4/19/18) the Jacksonville Jaguars and Lynyrd Skynyrd announced “A Day Of Music And Fun.” With headliners Jason Aldean, Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd! 

According to the Jaguars, 

The concert will be a special homecoming for the band as they return to perform where their legacy began over 40 years ago. The Labor Day weekend appearance will also include more special guests to be announced soon. In addition to performances, the all-day, all-night event will also feature food trucks, games and more.

VIP pre-sale access begins the week of April 23. Tickets for the general public go on sale Monday, April 30 at 10 am EST. Additional dates for the farewell tour will be announced soon. 

More Information here:

“Almost Everyone” In Southwest Emergency landing Photo Had Oxygen Mask On Wrong. 

I’m not sure how many times you have been on a flight. But I have been on TONS! Before every flight the flight attendants go through the same routine telling you how to keep safe if something went wrong and the oxygen masks dropped… yet still when it happened no one did it right… 

Maybe this is the wake up call we need to pay attention for a few extra seconds to know how to react in a emergency landing situation. 

More info here

Georgia Man Tries To Rob Video Game Store With A Plastic Water Bottle Case To Disguise His Face.

FINALLY this is not a “Florida Man” Story! Its our friendly neighbor state, Georgia! 

According to Christy Turner for Action news Jax, A man in Camden County tried to hide his face with a water bottle case… which is plastic…. And clear… while he attempted to rob a video game store.

I bet he was going to get Fortnite… which is FREE! Lol 

Christy then wanted to know if she wore it better!

For real though… on a list of terrible masks, only a window would rank worse than this…

Target Stores In Florida Now Offer “Drive-Up Service”

As if Target could not get any better! Now you wont even have to get out of your car! And according to them… it will only take a total of 2 minutes to get you you’re order once you park… WHAT!

It looks like all you need is their app! 

Target Announced: Guests in Florida and Texas, and throughout the Southeast, will now be able to use Drive Up, the fastest way to do a Target Run yet.

Now available in nearly 270 stores throughout the South and Southeast, this convenient, time-saving service allows guests to place orders via the Target app, then have their items brought out to their cars by a store team member. Orders arrive within two minutes of when a guest pulls into the store parking lot. And it all happens while the kids can stay in their car seats!

Fueled by overwhelmingly positive guest reviews from the Minneapolis-area pilot launched last fall, Target plans to continue expanding Drive Up to reach guests at nearly 1,000 stores across the country by the end of 2018.

So here is how is works!


  • Select Drive Up as the fulfillment option when placing an order through the Target app
  •  Target will notify you when your order is ready—usually within one to two hours 
  • Hit the “I’m on the Way” button when you’re ready to head to the store
  • Park in a designated Drive Up spot, and within two minutes a team member will have the order at your car, ready to be loaded in the trunk or backseat

    Read More here

    App Play’s Music Based On The Rhythm Of How You’re Getting-It-On

    There’s an app called Bed Beats, and its does exactly as advertised…

    Here is how it works, You turn on app and put your phone on the bed. (“turn on” may not be the best word to use but you get it). Then, you start having sex, While that’s going on it detects the vibrations on the mattress to figure out your speed, and it plays a song that matches.


    The app has a bunch of categories from dance, trance funk, chill, roots or smooth jazz.

    You pick by how… fast you’re going… 

    If you're interested, it's available for iPhone and Android and costs $2.79. 

    More info here

    Fortnite Theory Says A Meteor Will Hit Tilted Towers on 4/18/18

    I’m real into the game Fortnite right now… like I work, eat and play Fortnite (still not sure how I have a girlfriend).

    If you play the game then you know there is a Meteor in the sky… and randomly your controller will rumble. At first people thought this was going to be a ‘April Fools” prank thing, but its way past April first and the meteor is still there! Others think Tilted Towers are going to get wrecked.

    According to machinima, there is a TON of reasons to think Tilted towers will be gone on 4-18-18. 

    “Cash Me Outside” Girl Is Getting A TV Show. 

    Danielle Bregoli, AKA Bhad Bhabie, AKA cash me outside girl is getting her own TV show…

     According to TMZ, Cameras started to follow her on Saturday which is going to follow her rise to fame after she launched her rap career. 

  is also reporting that she has two singles out that made it on the charts… and one that has reached Gold Status… 

    The New Wedding Trend: Many-Moons Taking A Bunch Of Short Vacations! 

    To be honest, I feel like planning on trip sounds hard enough… but now you must plan SEVEN throughout one year!

    The new trend is "many-moons" . . . where you take a bunch of shorter trips together instead of one long trip to celebrate your wedding. The reasons sound smart, One, people are more into the idea of traveling to lots of different places, not just blowing all their vacation time for the year on one spot. Reason number two, it's a lot easier for them to get their jobs to give them a few scattered days off . . . and to plan their trips around long holiday weekends . . . than to miss two straight weeks. 

    Sounds like the best way is to take long weekends! 

    Read more here: 

    #LemonFaceChallenge The Next Internet Trend That We Can Get Behind. 

    Finally! A challenge that does not involve something dumb, like eating Tide Pods… This one is for a great cause! The #LemonFaceChallenge is the new challenge that is raising money for charity. 


    Here is how the challenge works:

    You have to eat a lemon wedge and record yourself reacting to how sour it is. Then you challenge at least one other person to do it….

    Simple right?

    You're supposed to donate to a group called Aubreigh's Army to help fight DIPG.

    ----- DIPG is a type of brain cancer that attacks the brain stem. And it tends to affect little kids

    An 11-year-old in Alabama named Aubreigh Nicholas was diagnosed last September, and started the challenge by daring Alabama football coach Nick Saban to do it, And he did last Thursday!


    Since then, a bunch of baseball players havs also done the challenge! 

    You can find out more on the Aubreigh's Army Facebook page. And you can donate by searching for Aubreigh's Army on

    Drone Footage Shows Florida Surfer Jump Of Board Inches From A Shark. 

    Youtuber HYDROPHILIK posted this vide about a month ago, but its just starting to get a lot of viewers for one specific clip!

    The whole video is drone footage of sharks, in the ocean, for their migration. There are many times where you see them VERY close to people. At about the :47 mark you see a surfer jump off his board inches from a shark! --- This makes me nervous to ever step in the ocean again!

    Khloe Kardashian Named Her New Baby “True Thompson”

    Khloe Kardashian has revealed the name of her baby! According to TMZ the name is True Thompson! 

    To be honest we’re surprised she went with the last name Thompson and not Kardashian! 

    Glitter Sunscreen Is A Thing... And I Have A Feeling Its Going To Be Popular... 

    Everyone is about to look like those damn Vampires from Twilight...

    Someone thought making sparkle sunscreen would help keep us from getting burnt! and its not expensive... only $20 to Sparkle like the basic chick you are... 

    According To Popsugar, there are three kinds, Pink, Gold, and Rainbow... no lie... I will judge everyone who sparkles at the beach, but also be proud of them taking care of their skin. 

    4-13-18 Songs From Drake, Zayn, Bebe Rexha & 5 Seconds Of Summer

    Tons of great songs being dropped this week, but we only highlight 4 so here we go! This week we have new music from Drake, Zayn, Bebe Rexha and 5 Seconds of Summer! 

    Hear them all now and let me know what you think! - @JustinCOnTheAir

    Free Download Codes To Bazzi’s Album Cosmic! 

    Andrew Bazzi, known professionally as Bazzi, is an American singer-songwriter. His song new Album Cosmic Just dropped and we have free download codes! 

    Here’s how to get one!

    1. Copy one of our codes below! 





















    2. Click this link and enter the info to get you’re free download!

    3. ENJOY!!! 

    every code can only be used once... so if one does not work try another!!!

    Bill Gates And Angelina Jolie Are The Most Admired Man And Woman In The World. 

    BILL GATES and ANGELINA JOLIE are the most admired man and woman in the world, according to an annual poll by The results were based on interviews with 37,000 people in 35 countries.



    Gates was followed on the men's list by Barack Obama and Jackie Chan. The Top 20 also includes Vladimir Putin (6), the Dalai Lama (7), Michael Jordan (15), Pope Francis (16), and President Trump (17).


    Michelle Obama and Oprah came in second and third for the women. Others who made the women's list include Hillary Clinton (5), Emma Watson (6), Taylor Swift (9), Priyanka Chopra from "Quantico" (12), and Gal Gadot (14).


    Time To Dust Off The Resume - Universal Orlando Resort Is Hiring! 

    Universal Orlando Resort is looking for full-time, part-time, seasonal, and professional candidates. they are going to hire 3,000 positions!!! 

    Some of the positions include: 

    Attractions, Lifeguards, Food Services,

    Tech Services, IT, Finance, Marketing & Sales and Human Resources, Culinary, Custodial, Warehouse, Entrance Operations, Sales 

    You can read all about it -->HERE<--

    Game Of Thrones Star Sophie Turner Has A Secret Instagram Account To Review Sausages... 

    Sophie Turner is a lot of things! A super star on Game Of Thrones, She’s also engaged to Joe Jonas... and NOW she’s a Sausage Critic! 

    Sophie has a secret Instagram account to review sausages! though she named it @sophiessausagereviews so not very discrete, it already has 24.9K followers, and the “about me” just says “Passionate Bout The Saus”

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