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How Do You Feel About Going Live On Social Media To Punish Your Kids? 

There's a trend that's getting more and more popular where parents are LIVESTREAMING themselves punishing their kids. So you can go on YouTube or Facebook and watch the kid getting disciplined in real time.


 And it's causing a BIG debate online about whether it's appropriate.


On one hand, if your kid does something really bad and you want the punishment to resonate, an online public humiliation is one hell of a way to guarantee it. But on the other hand, is it appropriate to broadcast something like that to strangers . . . and leave a permanent video record of it that could haunt the kid for their whole life?

The first example of this that comes to mind is the kid who was forced to run to school for being a bully on the bus:



A parenting coach named Sue Atkins says she's VERY against online child shaming. Quote, "This is not for the benefit of the child . . . it's all about attention." <-- Do you agree? 

Read More here

SJC Needs Your Help Naming Their New Tortoise! 

SJC parks and Rec need your help naming their new Tortoise, Here’s his back story: 

“He's an adult male that was attacked by a dog and, after multiple CT scans, it was determined that this little guy sustained spinal cord injuries resulting in limited mobility of his right limb.”

They will be accepting nominations through April 30th at 11:59 pm.


V Pizza And Carmines Ranked Top Two Pizza Places In Jax According to Yelp

Pizza is pretty popular here at wape... litereally we order it at least 2 times a week.... so we’re serious about this.

According to the top 5 places in Jacksonville to get Pizza are:

1. V Pizza

2. Carmines Pie House

3. Your Pie

4. Pizza Paddle 

5. Moon River Pizza

Actor TJ Miller Arrested For Calling In Fake Bomb Threat.  

According to TMZ, T.J Miller is in a lot of trouble, allegedly Miller provided false info to police.

TMZ said the FBI documents laied out what they believe happened: 

Miller called 911 on March 18 while he was riding an Amtrak train from D.C. to NYC ... and reported a woman with brown hair and a scarf "has a bomb in her bag." An Amtrak police officer called back Miller who added ... the woman kept checking the bag and seemed to want to get off the train and leave it behind.

The officer asked Miller if he suffered from mental illness ... which he denied, and said, "This is the first time I've ever made a call like this before. I am worried for everyone on that train. Someone has to check that lady out."

As it turns out ... Miller gave cops the wrong train number, and as a result a different train was stopped in Connecticut, evacuated and searched ... causing massive Amtrak delays. Meanwhile, Miller was on his train to NY.

Apparently Miller was released from custody Tuesday after posting a $100,000 bond

Read more here

If You Eat Peanut Butter And Pickle Sandwiches... I am Judging you. 

Someone posted this NASTY food combo to Twitter and immediately grossed out the who Twitter universe:


I Have A New Backup Career... Tinder Coach! 

According to “Tinder Coaches” are now a thing... and whats even better is you can choose to have a in person coach... or a virtual one!

They also say: 

“you can opt for coaching sessions once a week, 2-3 times per week, or 4-7 times per week. It’s up to you and the provider how often you schedule sessions, however, we recommend at least 3 sessions for you to see the benefits of the Coaching service”

Bidvine is also based on the other side of the pond... but they charge 30 pounds per hour... the only requirement... “ You must have more than 250 matches in the last 12 months.”

Carrie Underwood Is Set To Perform New Music At The ACM Awards

Carrie Underwood will perform the world television premiere of her soon-to-be-released single live on the 53RD ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS™,

Carrie Underwood is nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year as well as Vocal Event of the Year for “The Fighter” with Keith Urban.

The 53rd ACM Awards, hosted by Reba McEntire, will be broadcast LIVE from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Sunday, April 15 (8:00-11:00 PM) on CBS47.

Previously announced ACM Awards performers include Lauren Alaina, Jason Aldean, Kelsea Ballerini, Dierks Bentley, Kane Brown, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Kelly Clarkson, Florida Georgia Line, Alan Jackson, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Midland, Maren Morris, Jon Pardi, Bebe Rexha, Thomas Rhett, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban and Brett Young. Previously announced presenters include David Boreanaz, Drew Brees, AJ Buckley, Cam, Sam Elliott, Eve, Ashton Kutcher, Dustin Lynch, Nancy O’Dell, Rebecca Romijn, Max Thieriot and Lindsey Vonn.

PLAYLive Nation Jax Hosting A Fortnite Tournament 

we already know that im the best Fortnite player in the 904 (debatable)... But now we can put it to the test! 

PLAYlive Nation is hosting a “Fortnite Best of the Best Challenge," on April 27th and May 25th! (They already had one but i forgot to make this blog post before so that’s my bad...) 

According to their post this is how it works:

You will get to do three (3) separate drop-ins, and we will be recording your best score from all 3 rounds (Kills will be the tie breaker per round), if multiple people get the same score we will have those players fly in for a fourth (4th) round determining the overall winner.*Entry fee$14.99 per person (Pre-Register)$24.99 per person (Same Day )


Cash prize, split between TOP Three (3). The majority of the pot will go to first place. Cash Prize will be determined by how many participants enter the tournament.

Sounds like i’ll see you April 27th in Tilted Towers. - @JustinCOnTheAir

Check out their Facebook Event Page ----> RIGHT HERE

Fun Fact: Your Parents DO have a Favorite... And Its You’re Younger Sibling. 

Don’t ask me why i used the Sandlot as my lead photo here... its just a great movie...

According to a new survey, a quarter of parents admit they have a favorite child:



1. Their youngest child, 56%.


2. Their oldest child, 26%.


3. The middle child, or one of the middle children, 18%.


The majority of them say it's because that kid makes them LAUGH the most . . . and 41% say it's because their favorite kid reminds them the most of themselves.


The survey also found 42% of grandparents have a favorite grandchild . . . but they tend to prefer the OLDEST kid the most. 

New Music Friday - Songs From John Legend, Flo Rida and Calvin Harris!

New Music Friday! where I highlight a few songs that came out recently that you might want to listen too! This week we have songs from John Legend, Flo Rida, And Calvin Harris ft. Dua Lipa! 

Let me know what you think of the songs on twitter!! - @JustinCOnTheAir 

Kids are getting arrested because of the 24-hour overnight Challenge. 

The 24-hour overnight challenge now kids are trying to hide in a place of business for over 24 hours...

Its dumb for two reasons.... 



2. The only thing that can happen is you waist your time... in jail or hiding all night. 

The 3rd Annual “Topgolf Tour” Coming To Jax In September With A Chance to win $50,000!  

Today we found out that the third annual Topgolf Tour is coming to Jacksonville in September!

“Registration opens today for the 2018 Topgolf Tour, which is the first golf tournament series open to players of all skill levels where men and women compete for the same prize and play the same format in hopes of advancing all the way to the championship in Las Vegas. 

To kick things up a notch, this year Topgolf Tour is partnering with the Veteran Golfers Association to create a military division, open to active duty and veteran members of the U.S. Armed Forces. At least one military team is guaranteed a spot in the championship! 

On September 8, Jacksonville area Topgolfers will have a chance to prove their skills in a regional tournament. The top team of two will advance to the Topgolf Tour Championship in Las Vegas in November for a chance at the title and $50,000!”

You’ll find information – including registration, rules and eligibility – on the Topgolf Tour website... Also, BRB... im going to go work on my golf game! 

More info here

Win Tickets To Thirsty Thursday!

As Seen On Shark Tank -  “Cinnaholic” Opening In Jax April 13th!!! 

Super Pumped for this!!! Cinnaholic is opening in Jacksonville SOON! (April 13th) and they are celebrating by giving away custom Cinnamon Rolls for only $1! 

They were actually on “Shark Tank” in season 5:


The address is: 

11362 San Jose Blvd #15

Jacksonville, Florida

See you there?

A Student Saved A Squirrels Life Thanks To The Office! 

Last Tuesday, an 18-year-old college student at Central Michigan University named Natalie Belsito stopped to help a SQUIRREL after it fell into a fountain and couldn't get out.


It wasn't moving and looked dead. But luckily, she'd seen an episode from season five where Steve Carell's character learns CPR . . . and a woman tells him to do chest compression's to the beat of "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees.

If you have not seen this scene... YOU NEED TO:


She says she was literally singing the song out loud while she did it. Then she brought the squirrel up to her dorm, and used a hair dryer to get its core temperature back up. -- Read the full story here-- 


After about two hours, she left it alone in her bathroom to calm down. Then she took it outside. And as soon as she let it go, it ran up a tree.


The Jumbo Shrimp are the best, and “ Folding Table Appreciation Night” Proves it.  

The Jumbo Shrimp “Themed Nights,” this year, are easily the best thing ever!

This year you can look forward to, “As seen On TV night,” where you can win yourself a $500 Shake weight!

Some other nights i’m pumped for:

1. Ermahgerd Jmbshrmp - Meme night.

Where they are bringing in the Ermahgerd meme girl.

2. Turn Signal Appreciation night 

Lets be real... there are a TON of people who need to be there on that night...

And this one is going to be the best of all! 

3. Folding Table Appreciation Night! 

Obviously this is in response to the Buffalo Bills Fans from earlier in the Football season... 

See all their Themed Nights here! 

Mother Allegedly Used Stun Gun To Wake Up Son For Church On Easter. 

A Mother in Arizona is in some trouble after allegedly using a taser to wake her son.

Phoenix police say Sharron Dobbins “contact tazed her teenage son on the leg”

Dobbins said “

"I don't think I did anything wrong because you're supposed to put God first and that's all I was trying to do is tell my kids to put God first"

Read more here

Stranger Things Coming To Halloween Horror Nights!

The upside down is coming to Orlando and i could not be more pumped! Thats tight Halloween Horror Nights will feature “Stranger Things!” Think of all the things they can have... Demogorgons, Demidogs and TONS OF CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! 

Halloween Horror Nights announced it with this cool looking art work and video!

Jared Leto Will Celebrate New Album With Cross Country Trek! 

Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars Announced that he will “embark” on a journey across America called “Mars Across America!”

He will be doing this to celebrate the bands fifth album titled “America,” which will be out Friday April 6th. 

Leto will depart from New York City Monday, April 2nd and travel cross country by any means possible: trains, planes, automobiles, hitchhiking, Greyhound bus, Lyft rides, NASCAR pit stops, bicycles and more. Along the way, Leto plans to visit unique destinations that showcase the title subject of the band’s album:AMERICA. To further showcase what America is made of, Mars Across America will hand out genetic testing kits from 23andMe to fans along the way, helping them discover more about who they are and their connection to others. 

 AMERICA Track Listing: 1. Walk On Water 2. Dangerous Night produced by Zedd 3. Rescue Me 4. One Track Mind ft. A$AP Rocky 5. Monolith 6. Love Is Madness ft. Halsey 7. Great Wide Open 8. Hail To The Victor 9. Dawn Will Rise 10. Remedy 11. Live Like A Dream 12. Rider

You can follow Jared’s journey here: 

Channing Tatum & Wife Jenna Announce Their Separation. 

Channing Tatum posted to Instagram to tell everyone that Jenna and Channing have “lovingly Chosen To Separate”

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