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Dayton, OH

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Jacksonville Jaguars Ranked #2 In Latest Power Rankings! 

First... let us not forget:

Secondly, Pre-season football is about to start for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and it is coming with some AWESOME news! 

The NFL “Preseason Power Rankings” are out, and DUVAL is #2 right behind Superbowl champs the Philadelphia Eagles. 

The post said this about the Jags being ranked #2: “Sure, this is a nod to what the Jaguars accomplished last season and how strong they are heading into the preseason. Going beyond those factors, the absences of Julian Edelman (and others) in New England and Aaron Donald in Los Angeles weaken the Patriots and Rams enough to allow Jacksonville to move up another notch.”

That’s right, we are above the New England Patriots (AKA the team that knocked us out of the playoffs last year).

Do you agree that we are the 2nd best team in the NFL right now? 

Read more here: 

CW Casts Ruby Rose As Batwoman

Looks like Ruby Rose is the next actor to suit up as our next superhero! 

According to, “The CW is making a show around the new hero, whose real name is Kate Kane. Batwoman is an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city’s criminal resurgence... Should the show get picked up, it would bow during the 2019-2020 season”

The CW has also announced, the character will make her CW debut in the annual crossover event between four of the network’s DC shows: “The Flash,” “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “Supergirl.”

Read more here

Comedians Video Shows Every Parents Thoughts While At Disney

A comedian’s YouTube video is going viral because he points out what every parent feels during a day at Disney. The video is titled "Every parent at Disney"

Parents Sing Parody Of “I Got A Feeling,” About No More Fortnite Because School Is Back.

The post said:

School starts soon! Time to put away FORTNITE (and maybe get addicted yourself?) Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" Parody. Thanks for sending in your hilarious videos! Check back for another #BacktoSchool Parody next Monday.

Science Confirms Your Dog Can tell If People Are Bad. 

Ever have that one friend that you dog HATES? Well there might actually be something to it! 

According to a study that was published in the journal, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, a dog can sense when a person is being mean to another person. So maybe your friend is just kinda a Jerk! 

In the study they set up a situation where one person needs help opening a jar... and they found that dogs were more likely to ignore the person who would not offer to help that person open the jar. 

Read more about the study here! 

[Listen Now] New Music From Travis Scott, ZAYN and Bazzi! 

This week was a little slower in terms of big name artists dropping new music! (that’s no slight at Travis Scott). Yesterday Bazzi dropped his song Beautiful ft. Camila Cabello. (Hear that song here) Travis Scott ruled this New Music friday with his album Astroworld... which has a TON of great songs on it. ZAYN released a song featuring Timbaland called Too Much, and Mac Miller put out his song called ladders. hear them all below.  *Warning NSFW language*

[Podcast] Madden 19 Simulation Predicts Jags To Win The Superbowl

This is HUGE For Jacksonville!

Every year CBS’s very own  Will Brinson runs a “New Madden” game season simulation to see who is predicted to win the Superbowl this coming year... THIS YEAR IT SAID THE JAGS WIN IT ALL!!!! 

Here were the results that matter from

Your AFC playoff seeds:

1. Jaguars 12-42. Chargers 10-4-23. Patriots 9-7

Then the Superbowl: “Jaguars vs. Seahawks.... And boy oh boy did the Jaguars absolutely annihilate them. 31-3, Jacksonville rolls the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.” See everything else here

Hear JustinCOnTheAir and Tank talk about this on their most recent podcast episode:

[Listen]New Song Bazzi ft. Camila Cabello “Beautiful”

Bazzi and Camila Cabello surprised the pop world with their new song together called “Beautiful.”

[Video] Mom Posts #FortniteIsTheBaneOfMyExistence Rant

I have a feeling Moms everywhere can relate to this complaint:

Parents Are Hiring “Fortnite” Tutors For Their Kids... 

That is right! Parents are apparently hiring tutors for their kids... but not for math, or Science. This is a tutor for the video game “Fortnite!” 

In an article posted by The Wall Street Journal they said, “ For about $50, Ms. Hicks purchased four hours of online lessons from a player she found through a freelance labor website... “Fortnite” has become a social proving ground....Winning bestows the kind of bragging rights that used to be reserved for the local Little League baseball champ.” 

Quick side note, i stream FN to the WAPE Facebook page every night at 9pm if you’re looking to squad up! 

Personally, I thought this was just a one time thing... but a quick search lead me to MANY sites that were advertising the chance to hire a “Fortnite Coach,” or Sensei as calls them! 

These guys have legit reasons that they should be considered coaches. For example, one coach option on Gamer Sensei is Harry “H3nchpokey” D. Some of his achievements include:

  • 1000+ Wins
  • BushParanioa Pro FunCup - 1st Place
  • Competitive Gaming 10+ Years
  • Experienced Coach
  • Main Account 8kd+
  • Pro Team - NoCircles
  • Second Account Top 5 Kill Death In World

If you jump on the fad early you can probably get a coach for cheep Harry is currently rated at $25/HR. 

Would you hire a “game” tutor for your kid? 

Panera Just Upped The Bread Bowl Game, with Double Bread Bowls. 

Panera Bread, the bakery-cafe restaurant chain, is testing a double bread bowl on select menus in August.

Sadly according to, only 32 Panera Bread locations in the Philadelphia area will have the item for customers to try.

But from the twitter reactions... i’d say we are going to see this everywhere! 

[Watch] Toto Returns The Favor And Covers Weezer’s “Hash Pipe.”

Toto is pretty well known for their song Africa, they made the song back in 1982, but it has recently become popular again because of Weezer’s cover (hear it below).

Now, Toto has decided to return the favor with their cover of a Weezer song, and they decided to go with Hash Pipe. (hear it below)

Who had the better cover Weezer, or Toto? 

read more here

Video Shows Broward Man Riding On The Back Of A Bus

Another one of those crazy Florida people stories...

The video is titled “Wtf goin on in Broward” and it was posted last Monday. the video already has over 450 comments and 2.4K shares.

Noah Cyrus And Lil Xan Might Be Dating. 

This weekend Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan were hanging out... but some of the photo’s lead people to believe that they might be dating.

if you are wondering who Lil Xan is here’s the Wiki Answer:

“lil Xan is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Redlands, California. He is best known for his breakout hit, platinum certified "Betrayed", which peaked at no. 64 on the Billboard Hot 100”

The internet was left with some hilarious reactions to this new couple:

Read more here

Ice Cream Mayo.... Would You Try It? 

Just because people like two individual foods doesn't mean they should be put together. I don't need dill pickle coffee, or Sour Patch Kid meatloaf, or whipped cream on pork chops. And the world didn't need this either . . .


In case you didn't hear about this, last week, an ice cream parlor in Falkirk, Scotland started selling MAYONNAISE ICE CREAM. They say it's a, quote, "full-on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy, milky aftertaste."



And a new poll just asked people if they'd be willing to eat it. And SHOCKINGLY, about two-thirds of people said yeah, bring it on. The other third wouldn't even want to sample the stuff. 

Monster Collaboration With Bieber, Dj Khaled Quavo and Chance The Rapper! 

New music Friday! Starting off with the new one from Justin Bieber, Dj Khaled, Chance The Rapper, and Quavo called “No Brainer.” They also followed up the songs release with a music video:

The second song we want to highlight today is “Side Effects,” by the Chainsmokers ft. Emily Warren

The last song we are highlighting this week is one by Logic, Called “One Day” ft. Ryan Tedder 

Rachel Platten Is Pregnant!

“Fight Song” singer Rachel Platten took to Instagram to announce the exciting news! She is expecting her first child with her husband! 

Podcast: GTA & Fortnite Update Plus Is eSports legit?

The Noobie Brothers are back (Justin and Tank) with another podcast to talk about a ton of updates that some big games just went through!  

First, Grand Theft Auto, they are calling this update "After Hours." Tank loves the new way to make money, but says he is holding off on buying a building/business.

Secondly, Fortnite celebrating their 1st birthday. They had some huge numbers... “More than 3.4 million people were reportedly playing the game at the same time at one point in February, according to Epic Games.”

Moms Post Hilariously Relatable “Costco” Shopping list. 

A mom Instagram account is getting some attention for a funny “Costco” shopping list. 

Some other moms commented: 

- I have a big a** bag of green water in my fridge as we speak. Don’t forget the giant bag of pretzels that the kids will spill all over the pantry.

- Don't forget the giant size of croutons, just because you're craving croutons!

- Those hot dogs are the greatest thing to ever happen to tube meat!

- You definitely need to add that giant teddy bear. You know, cause it’s so cheap and the kids will love it. Of course, you’ll have to move to a bigger house to make room for it but I’m pretty sure Costco sells those too.

[Video] Girl Sticks Whole Arm In Porta-Potty Toilet To Get Phone.

Everyone thought “Water Proof” phones would be a great idea, and for the most part, they are! Although when you dropped your phone in the Toilet, in the past,  you did not have to go in after it because you knew it was gone. 

NOW, you have the ultimate decision... do you go in for your close to $1,000 phone? It’s water proof... there is a good chance if you get it quick enough it will still work.

I bring this question up because a video has been making the rounds on Social Media of a girl who gets her whole arm in there to get her phone, but this is no regular Toilet... this clearly a porta-potty. (peep the blue water)


So we ask... would you go in after you phone if it fell in a Porta-Potty? 

500 items
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