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Posted: August 04, 2017

The Ta Ta Towel... The Breast Accessory You Did Not Know You Needed!

By Cousart Justin


Coming from a guy... i don’t understand this product, but all the females that are commenting about this product seem to be super excited for it... so YAY!

Looks like there is a pretty high demand for them, on their site they say, Please allow for 4-6 weeks to receive your towel... Trust me its worth the wait.

It looks like its just a Hammock for you boobs.. simple enough right? They’re saying it helps a lot with the boob sweat.

They are made with Terry Cloth on the outside, and an Italian Rayon/Cotton Blend on the inside... I guess that means it is comfy... again i’m a dude and am way out of my element here... 

Might as well get your order in now right? --> Click Here

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