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Posted: October 25, 2017

Weird... Or Cute? Moms Are Painting Pumpkins On Their Babies Butts.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

By Cousart Justin


Everyone is all about Social Media Trends these days... but this one is odd to me. its #PumpkinButt, Mom are painting a pumpkin on their babies butts and posting them on Instagram... I know for a fact if i painted my butt and put it up their id have my account deleted. 

Pumpkin butt friends for life! @alijaneclarke @chloeelizabeth2017 #halloween #pumpkin #butt #pumpkinbutt #bestfriends

A post shared by Ashlee Milkins (@thefoxheartedgirl) on

Cutest πŸŽƒ from tha πŸŽƒpatch! Bailei Reign #firsthalloween #pumpkinbutt #babypumpkins

A post shared by Shalonda Jones (@caramel_brown_eyes) on

πŸŽƒ #blakeelizabethkramer #pumpkinbutt #halloweenbaby

A post shared by Katie Kramer (@katiekramer731) on

So we’ll ask... weird or cute? 

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